Clipart in a PowerPoint is just about as useful as an umbrella in a hurricane. It adds no additional value whatsoever, and it makes you seem like failed newspaper cartoonist trying to give art another shot. It also has the added bonus of making you appear unprofessional and technologically inexperienced.

When They Go Low, You Go High

Clipart graphics are low quality. Take advantage of the Internet and the multitude of stock photos available to you. It tells your audience that you pay attention to detail and that you care about their time. High-quality graphics make a statement and standout during a presentation.

It’s So Convenient That It’s Lazy

You are defined by your PowerPoint, and more so with a terrible one. Clipart is a familiar tool and it makes sense as to why some people decide that it’s their first option. But with so many different places to source your graphics, it looks like you threw the presentation together without a second glance.


Back to the Future

Clipart is a time machine. It takes us back to when floppy disks were actual storage devices and a 3-megapixel camera on mobile was a technological advancement. Modern and contextually current graphics remind your audience that you operate your business in the present. In the same way that architecture denotes the essence of a lived experience in time, contemporary markers in PowerPoint make your presentation palatable to audiences.

Creating visually engaging PowerPoints are a lot easier than you think. You can leave Clipart in 2003 and explore the different ways you can make an impact. Learn how to make captivating PowerPoint Presentations and win your next deal.



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