It’s no secret that at Synapsis Creative we love Microsoft PowerPoint. The flexibility, versatility, and communication opportunities that PowerPoint offers continually inspires us, and we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of this creative medium further each time we undertake a project. From print media and digital assets to animations and video content, PowerPoint is the design tool which just keeps on giving!

To offer our clients the highest quality and most adaptable presentations possible, we are always on the lookout for new PowerPoint features to incorporate. From Microsoft Teams integration to colleague collaboration, here are some innovative PowerPoint updates to take your presentations to the next level in 2022:


As more companies turn to PowerPoint as an effective, interactive way to share information internally or with external stakeholders, the need to protect potentially sensitive data increases. Perhaps you need the input of a colleague in another department or an external expert on a particular slide in your deck, but don’t want to share the entire presentation for privacy reasons. Microsoft now allows you to share the link to a particular slide, pointing your colleague directly to the slide you need help with, and allowing them to either view or directly edit the slide as needed.

To use this feature, all you need to do is right-click the slide and choose Link to this Slide. You can then choose the level of permission you wish to grant your colleague, or click Copy to add the link to your clipboard and share the link from there in an email or Teams message. This update is a great addition to the collaboration options already available in PowerPoint.


The past few years have revealed the potential of PowerPoint in a new light, as remote presentations became the norm for businesses around the world. To facilitate this new style of presenting, Microsoft is planning to release its new Cameo feature this year, allowing users to seamlessly integrate their Teams camera feed into their presentation. You can customise where and how you appear on your slides, with layout recommendations to create an optimal, immersive viewer experience.

Another recent PowerPoint feature is the ability to record your presentation, capturing audio narration, your video presence, and any actions performed using the pen, ink, highlighter, or eraser. You can choose to record the entire presentation from the beginning or one particular slide in the deck, and easily stop recording at any time by using the Alt+S shortcut on your keyboard. Once complete, you can save your presentation as a video file or play it for your audience in Slide Show. To enable recording, simply open the Options dialogue box, click the Customise Ribbon tab, and select the Recording check box.


If you would like to increase the interactivity, originality, and personalisation of your presentation, then try PowerPoint’s digital inking tool. All you need to use this feature is a touch-enabled device, where you can draw and annotate using your finger, a mouse, or a digital pen. Digital inking is an efficient and visually striking way to illustrate a series of steps, show your thought process, brainstorm with your audience, or provide extra information during a presentation. You can also replay a sequence of ink strokes using an Ink Replay animation, allowing you to rewind and replay the changes as they occurred.

Feeling inspired to create more imaginative and memorable work presentations? Head to our collection of free downloadable E-books, and learn how to master the medium of PowerPoint, create compelling interactive content, and streamline your presentation preparation process!

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