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The human brain processes visual content 60,000times faster than text. This means that relaying information through meaningful data leads to better memory retention in audiences. A combination of image and text can convey your key messages concisely, without jeopardising valuable information.

Infographics deliver information in a more appealing way and research has found that people follow instructions better if they receive graphics that are complemented by text.

Infographics are useful communication tools and are adaptable to many marketing strategies that need to display relevant information to customers or business stakeholders.

Infographics are a great way to put a lot of information into a simple, short layout with images. For external or internal communications, infographics can be used instead of blocks of text or data heavy charts to better engage audiences.


Infographics are a powerful way to display information as it grasps our cognitive memory processes. The subtlety in which infographics draw audiences to consider the correlation between the visual and text, and this eventually promotes memory retention.

At Synapsis Creative, our team of designers and writers craft infographics that are visually balanced and complemented with data relevant information. At your request, we build extensive icon libraries within the PowerPoint program to provide you with unique and business branded collateral to use throughout your organisation.

Our designers create compelling infographics that you can re-use, edit, and add data visualisations to. We can incorporate existing visual collateral from your business or we can produce bespoke graphics depending on your needs.


For infographics, we offer visually meaningful, customisable data. With our unlocked designs, you can move information and graphics and cut and paste new data or collateral directly into the PowerPoint. With PowerPoint, you can immediately transform your presentation into a simplified infographic, or vice versa, within the one program.

Synapsis Creative craft dynamic designs on PowerPoint to provide you with versatile collateral. Our innovative use of a popular design program means that you get a living document that’s customisable, user-friendly, and transferrable for print and digital. The best part is that you can use and keep re-using all editable elements. Our designers can work with your assets and files or create imagery and design concepts when required.

Utilising PowerPoint enables us to have a multifaceted program which allows for video production and editing; direct storyboarding for client transparency and overall deck view; photo editing with pre-set filters; a range of compression options; design grids; and compatibility with existing Office suites for the easy importing or embedding of data.

We are a design agency that strives to continuously rise to evolving challenges in business process re-engineering. To create streamlined and coherently branded messages, Synapsis Creative offers organisations products that they can repurpose and export for various strategies.

PowerPoint is a familiar tool that’s accessible, affordable, and ready for collaboration. Synapsis Creative ensures a service that you don’t have to pay for again.

infographic, What We Do – Presentation – Infographic