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An e-learning program is an opportunity to educate, regardless of industry. It is an accessible platform to train students, employees, and like-minded enthusiasts on a subject or topic.

Organisations choosing to create an e-learning program allow their audience to have immediate access to information or the ability revise important knowledge and skills. E-learning programs promote independent learning and training, and ensure fundamental skills are standardised across an organisation. These programs support training, onboarding, and career progression.


An e-learning program is an investment into the sustainability of your organisation. At Synapsis Creative, our team of designers and write build an e-learning product specific to your industry and in accordance with your organisation’s initiatives. We can design assets and information to enhance engagement and optimise user interface for transparent learning.

As your organisation’s needs grow and develop, your e-learning program can easily adapt to changes through convenient customisation with PowerPoint. E-learning can be created as modules on your organisation’s intranet page and experienced as units to be completed online. These may include explainer videos or used as a navigation tool on a site.


For e-learning, we offer the ability of interactivity with business longevity. Our designers can build an interactive product using PowerPoint and optimise engagement through the addition of quizzes and webinars.

Synapsis Creative craft dynamic designs on PowerPoint to provide you with versatile collateral. Our innovative use of a popular design program means that you get a living document that’s customisable, user-friendly, and transferrable for print and digital.

We are a design agency that strives to continuously rise to evolving challenges in business process re-engineering. To create streamlined and coherently branded messages, Synapsis Creative offers organisations products that they can repurpose and export for various strategies.

With PowerPoint, Synapsis Creative ensures a service that you don’t have to pay for again.

e-learning, What We Do – Interactive – E-learning