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Explainer videos are short clips that inform customers on an organisation’s products, services, or business ideas. They’re often concise animations that focus on explaining a topic to customers in a straight-forward and captivating way. Explainer videos are usually 60-90seconds long and they can be implemented to enhance your marketing strategy.

The main characteristics that differentiate explainer videos from any other marketing video is that they are targeted to a specific marketing segment, they’re typically animated, and professionally produced and branded. These videos are personalised to a customer’s issues and needs and offer engagement through fun, enjoyable animations that are often voiced-over by a qualified voiceover artist.

Explainer videos are created with the purpose of providing information succinctly while remaining thought-provoking and entertaining for target audiences. They can be used to explain your business message within 90seconds and when added to a website or landing page, increase the average visiting time of customers.

The primary advantage of an explainer video is its versatility and exportability. With more and more people accessing the Internet through their mobile devices, explainer videos can be a practical way to increase engagement on social media platforms and on your website. When incorporated into an existing communication strategy, explainer videos can enhance brand perception, promote brand advocacy through the proper education of customers, increase conversion rate, and cultivate your online visibility.


Your customers don’t just need to be educated; they need to stay engaged.

Our team of designers and writers collaborate to create an explainer video that’s on-brand and valuable to your customers. By offering condensed content and visually striking designs, our team ensure optimum engagement to boost your marketing campaigns. Our designers can create “whiteboard” explainer videos which include hand drawn animations or build a scene around motion graphics to induce context and to produce a movie-style ambience.


For explainer videos, we offer a product that combines educational integrity with entertainment. Our team of designers and writers create with your business goals in mind, enhancing your core message to customers and increasing brand awareness. Using PowerPoint, our designers get straight to animating after storyboarding which means we reach a finished product on your deadline.

Synapsis Creative craft dynamic designs on PowerPoint to provide you with versatile collateral. Our innovative use of a popular design program means that you get a living document that’s customisable, user-friendly, and transferrable for print and digital. Our designers can work with your assets and files or create imagery and design concepts if required. The best part is that you can use and keep re-using all editable elements.

PowerPoint is a familiar tool that’s accessible, affordable, and ready for collaboration. It’s likely you already have PowerPoint on your computer and have used it before.

Utilising PowerPoint enables us to have a multifaceted program which allows for video production and editing; direct storyboarding for client transparency and overall deck view; photo editing with pre-set filters; a range of compression options; design grids; and compatibility with existing Office suites for the easy importing or embedding of data.

We are a design agency that strives to continuously rise to evolving challenges in business process re-engineering. To create streamlined and coherently branded messages, Synapsis Creative offers organisations products that they can repurpose and export for various strategies.

With PowerPoint, Synapsis Creative ensures a service that you don’t have to pay for again.