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PowerPoint can be an amazing tool for presenters to engage audiences and share knowledge through PowerPoint presentations. Whether utilized for business sales pitches or to deliver university lectures, this visual presentation system is used around the globe because of its awesome potential. All too often, though, business leaders and educators show up with PowerPoint presentations that are more eyesore than informative.

Without strong PowerPoint design, presentations won’t capture audience attention and may even damage the reputations of the companies or organizations responsible for their creation. That’s why keeping a focus on striking, consistent design when you’re creating a presentation is essential. If you’re eager to improve PowerPoint presentations, consider incorporating these six visual design elements into your next slide deck.



1. A Well-Conceived Colour Scheme

PowerPoint presentations, 6 Tricks to Make Stunning PowerPoint Presentations

The colours you choose for products, advertisements and website materials can have a huge impact on how viewers perceive your brand or organization. It’s no different when it comes to your PowerPoint presentations. Making a strong impression means carefully considering how colour plays into what you’re communicating. When done well, your colour scheme can accomplish everything from exciting to emboldening to calming your audience. Before you start creating presentation slides, choose a colour scheme that suits your purpose, and write down colour names or hex numbers to keep things consistent. Read up on colour psychology if you need inspiration while setting a scheme.


2. Brand-Specific Fonts

PowerPoint presentations, 6 Tricks to Make Stunning PowerPoint Presentations

Using a custom font is a great way to personalize a presentation and up its branding value. Custom fonts that support your wider message are a powerful way to reach an audience without making them feel as though they’ve been tricked or manipulated. Once you’ve established a custom font, you can use it in an array of branding, marketing and education materials too. In addition, choose sans serif fonts whenever possible. These fonts are easy to read on both small and large screens and have a clean, classy finish that serif fonts often lack.


3. Real, Relatable Graphics & Photos

PowerPoint presentations, 6 Tricks to Make Stunning PowerPoint Presentations

Graphics are a cornerstone of PowerPoint design. After all, presentations that are too heavy on text bore audiences and can be difficult to navigate. Remember that there’s more to making your presentations graphically rich than simply tossing in photos here and there. You must choose your graphics with care. Avoid clip art, which is generic and tends to look amateur. Instead, use relatable photos that showcase real people and situations. If possible, take photos yourself or have a professional photographer do so on your behalf.

4. Bespoke Animations

PowerPoint presentations, 6 Tricks to Make Stunning PowerPoint Presentations

Animations help add visual interest to PowerPoint slides and can break up lengthy presentations. As with graphics, though, it’s essential to use high-quality animations that speak to your organization’s unique identity. Work with a firm that can create custom animations that tell a story specific to your presentation. In order to be effective, animations should be relatively short and should use a graphic style that corresponds to that used throughout the rest of your presentation. To get you started, you can download a free set of animated templates here!

5. Easy-to-Read Infographics

PowerPoint presentations, 6 Tricks to Make Stunning PowerPoint Presentations

If you want to improve PowerPoint presentations, you need to find a way to combine high-quality information with compelling graphics. What better way to do that than with infographics? Designed to convey rich information in an easy-to-digest form, infographics add visual interest to presentations without detracting from the need to convey rich information. It’s best to make infographics yourself or to hire a designer to make them for you, but it’s also okay to use infographics from highly reliable online sources too.


6. Wide, Open Space

PowerPoint presentations, 6 Tricks to Make Stunning PowerPoint Presentations

Blank space around objects, known in design parlance as negative space, makes many amateur presentation designers nervous. It can be tempting to fill in blank spaces with unnecessary graphics or text, but you should avoid doing so at all costs. Negative space on slides helps direct viewer attention and prevents sensory overload. Don’t worry if you have a few slides that contain only one compelling quote or a standalone statistic. The negative space in your design helps draw attention to what’s really important and ensures that your presentations look ultra-clean and professional too. To learn more about layouts and grids, read out article on 8 Ways a Grid Layout Can Improve Any PowerPoint Presentation


Remember that consistency makes or breaks PowerPoint presentations. Choose which visual elements you’re going to incorporate into your slides, and use them consistently throughout your presentation. It’s a great strategy to increase your presentation’s appeal and to keep your audience engaged no matter what the subject matter.



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