iPads can make presentation much more engaging and intimate, partiucalrly if you give the device to your audience to let them explore the content themselves. However, PowerPoint on iOS and Apple products isn’t always stable or freely available. If you need a quick workaround for viewing and designing PPT files on your iPad, check out the following methods…

Convert PowerPoint slideshow into images

By simply converting PPT into images, you can easily view and present your slideshow on an iPad through its image gallery. This is a simple workaround; however, it means your presentation won’t feature any movement, animation, or multimedia files included in your original PPT file. iPad’s image viewer supports various common image formats such as BMP, JPG, PNG and GIF.

To convert your PPT into one those image formats, first open PowerPoint slideshow, go to File > Save As… Select the ‘Save as type” and choose your preferred image format. Select to export ‘Every Slide’ and that’s it.

Convert PowerPoint slideshow into PDF

Like the previous method, this is better suited to graphic content that doesn’t have any animations, transitions, audio, or video clips. This is another useful means for viewing or presenting PPT files on an iPad since – similar to image viewers – there are various PDF viewer applications readily available on iOS.

Exporting as PDF is a better option than the first method as it offers more customisation in terms of formatting, compressing, and optimising image quality. While there are many different options, conversion is as simple as opening your PPT, going to File > Save As… > Adobe PDF.

View PowerPoint presentation video on iPad

By converting your PowerPoint slideshow into a video format, you’ve instantly made your presentation easier to share and more accessible to a wider audience. iPads support various video playback applications and features, meaning your presentation video can be viewed and presented easily and remotely.

You can simply convert the PowerPoint to iPad video format by importing your PowerPoint files that you want to convert, selecting the video format output that will work on your iPad, customising any video parameters, and then converting the PPT file to video. Unlike previous methods, converting to video ensures your animations, transitions, sounds, and video clips will be retained after conversion. It’s also useful to include a recording and pen markings to further help the audience navigate your presentation content.

Upload PowerPoint presentation to YouTube

Once you’ve converted your presentation into a video, it becomes significantly more accessible uploading it to YouTube. The video sharing platform accepts WMV, AVI, FLV and MP4 video formats only, so ensure you select an appropriate format when converting your PPT file.

Uploading your video to YouTube means anyone can view your presentation, whether on an iPad, smartphone, or desktop. However, unlike previous methods, viewing on YouTube requires online accessibility, so ensure you have Wi-Fi or mobile connectivity.

Use (iWork) Keynote for iPad

Another way to view your PowerPoint presentations on iPad is converting the slides to Keynote presentation and then use the official iWork Keynote on iPad.

Use iTunes to transfer your PowerPoint presentation files to your iPad, then simply open the PPT using Keynote if it’s installed in your iPad.

In iTunes, tap on the ‘Copy’ icon to transfer your PowerPoint files to your iPad. Once you import them, there may be some dialogs boxes which come up saying that several features such as fonts, animations, transitions etc. may not be supported through Keynote. You need to simply click on “Done” to make them go away. Keynote will let you view and edit your PowerPoint presentations on iPad, although you may lose some features during conversion.

View and edit with SlideShark app for iPad

Much like Keynote, SlideShark is another useful iOS app for viewing and designing PPT presentations on mobile devices. It’s quite simple to use – just create a free account through the Slideshark website, upload your PPT presentation, install the free app on your iPad, and then download your project to the device.

Slideshark offers an intuitive users experience for mobile presentation, allowing you to tap and swipe to advance animations and slides. What makes this app useful is that presenters don’t internet connection after uploading your presentation to SlideShark and then downloading it onto your device. Unfortunately, numerous PowerPoint features aren’t supported such as animated GIFs, various slide transitions and advanced animations, triggers, macros, and third-party components.

Use presentation sharing sites

There are numerous presentation-sharing sites that are compatible for iPad such as Slideshare, Scribd, Isuu, Authorstream, and SlideBoom, which are all free web-based platforms that allows you to upload your PowerPoint slideshow and so you can easily view it in an iPad compatible format.

Some of these presentation sharing sites even let you download your PowerPoint as video to upload on video sharing sites like YouTube. You can even boost the discoverability and SEO of your presentation through PPT submission sites.

These sites make it easy to present remotely since everything is located in your browser and mobile friendly. Most hosting providers offer administrative tools so you can keep track of your presentations and process user feedback.

One drawback to these sites is quality. Your hosted slides may not be the exact image of the original PPT files. Also, please note that these sites often don’t retain animations, transitions, audio, and video clips.

Convert PowerPoint presentation into HTML5

We’ve previously looked at the value of converting PowerPoint files into HTML5, particularly when delivering eLearninig experiences. Using iSpring Pro, you can convert your PPT into to HTML5 and SCORM, offering your more capabilities and accessibility. Presentations in HTML5 can easily be uploaded onto websites, meaning they’ll comfortably work on iPads and other mobile devices. HTML5 files also have integrated protection options as well to safeguard your content from unauthorised copying.