Video is a powerful tool you can use to engage your employees. It can be used to communicate, educate, and inform important corporate change while remaining relevant to your business. Your employees are more likely to watch a video instead of reading text and by investing in video, you guarantee that corporate messages reach your employees.

Videos give voice to key figures in your business and humanises this experience by giving a face to big business decisions and changes.

Video is the future of communication. According to a survey by Deloitte, Millennials are predicted to make up 75% of the workforce globally. This means business leaders need to effectively tailor content to their employees to accommodate the multi-generational workforce. Video content isn’t just about engaging a portion of your workplace demographics. Videos can be used to convey succinct information within corporate businesses and enable staff to access this information wherever they are. With access to mobile devices, videos can be watched on-the-go.

Employees that watch internal communications will be able to understand the scope of the business and its direction no matter where they are.

Here are some examples of the variety of ways you can use video for your internal communications.

1. Recruit Talent

2. Motivate Your Team

3. Make Announcements

4. Train and Educate

5. Inform through an Interview

6. Create a Film

7. Share Results

Or a funny B2B strategy. We dig it.

Videos are becoming a part of the corporate landscape. We’ll see their uses in a variety of ways, from live videos and streams to cinematic storytelling. The aim is to give as much information as possible without overloading your audience and by using videos as a part of corporate change, you allow your message to be reached by people across the globe.

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