Did you know we spend an average of 46 hours in front of the screen every week? That’s an awful strain on our eyes. With so much strain, it’s more important than ever to improve the readability of your PowerPoint. Follow these ten tips to keep every pair of eyes on your screen.

1 – Avoid These 8 Colour Combinations

According to recent studies, as many as 8 percent of men and 0.5 percent of women have some form of colour blindness. Avoid the following combinations if you want to maximise your readability:

  • Green and red
  • Green and brown
  • Blue and purple
  • Green and blue
  • Light green and yellow
  • Blue and grey
  • Green and grey
  • Green and black

Readability, 10 Tips to Make Your PowerPoint More Readable

But sometimes you’re stuck with such colour combinations. If that’s the case…


2 – Minimise Colour Overlap

When you must use colours that are difficult to distinguish, try these three tips to minimise their overlap:

  • Use multiple shades of a single colour
  • Use the “Corrections” option under the format tab to increase contrast
  • Add strong borders between similar colours

Of course, if people are squinting to see what’s on your screen, it won’t matter what colour scheme you select. For this reason, you should make sure you…


3 – Use Fonts Larger Than 24 Point

This is the minimum font size for being readable from the back of the room. All the same, other experts advocate using 30 point font.  Of course, it depends on the size of your screen and your audience. Because of that, you should always…


4 – Test Your Presentation Beforehand

In fact, failing to test is one of the 7 PowerPoint Mistakes You Should Avoid. Of course, however large your fonts are, you should…


5 – Never Use More Than Three Fonts

Too many fonts can create distraction, which will ruin the readability of everything you write. On that note, you should always follow the 5 Font Rules for PowerPoint.

Of course, whatever you’re saying through your font, you need to…


6 – Be Brief

Don’t clog your slides with long words. Just use short, simple words that sell what you’re saying.

Most importantly, you must remember that whatever you write won’t have readability unless you…


7 – Keep Your Background Simple

Try to use simple colours or gentle patterns. If you do use a photo, try to use one with a lot of bare space. Otherwise, use the “Blur” effect in the artistic effects menu under the Format tab. On that note…


8 – Keep Charts Simple

Complex charts are one of the leading causes of Death By PowerPoint. When creating them using the Chart option under the Insert tab, use clear indicators and only a few key statistics. On the topic of not overdoing it…


9 – Don’t Overdo Animations

Have you ever read a book and wished the words would bounce around the page? No? Well there you go.


10 – Speak Consistently

At Synapsis, we offer:

  • Professional Designers
  • Editable Presentations
  • Adjective Nouns

We do not offer:

  • PowerPoints that are very impressive
  • A few good copywriters
  • Grammatical inconsistency gives me a headache


Of course, there are a lot more than ten tricks to create a killer PowerPoint. Contact us today to access our expertise.

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