Two members of the Synapsis Creative Crew went to Germany last week to meet with one of our international clients. Let’s all have a FOMO moment while we find out what they got up to. 

They were so welcoming and kind. I learnt about how the organisation started and what it does today more than I knew before… – Sophia


We had Sophia (our account manager) and Mark (senior graphic designer) fly to Germany to link up with one of our international clients. It was mostly business, mixed with a fine dining experience in a castle (courtesy of Synapsis).


synapsis creative, Synapsis Creative Take Germany Armed with wit, a company credit card (thanks Tom), and a comprehensive knowledge of design, Sophia and Mark did their best to inform and educate our clients about the future design with Synapsis Creative. We’re currently revising our services and have a new website in the making. It’s a really exciting time for Synapsis Creative and to be able to meet with an important organisation is reflective of the waves we’re making in the design world.


Was a bit intense with meetings back to back but was also lovely to meet client’s team face-to-face and make a personal connection with them. It is important to remember that at the end of the day, people like doing business with people they like. We shared knowledge and exchanged experiences. This was a great opportunity to share information that will help the organisation understand what we do, which builds trust and confidence in the process of working together. – Mark


We’re a design agency that’s packing a punch. We’re getting more and more recognised for what we create using PowerPoint and for driving the graphic design industry to push their boundaries. Editable graphic design is the future. People want to customise their design for convenience. People deserve graphic designs that do more than take money out of their pockets.

synapsis creative, Synapsis Creative Take Germany

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