It’s easy to slap your logo on each slide and call it a day. It’s hard to invest in companies who only invest that much effort into branding. Subtle presentation branding is what makes your brand stand out. Below are four subtle ways to promote your identity across your presentation.

Consistent Colour Scheme


This seems like a no-brainer for subtle presentation branding, but colour schemes can get complicated. You have to consider readability, as well as what’s right for your projector. Ideally, your brand colours will complement each other as background and text. Realistically, with all the clashing colour combinations to consider, they’ll render each other unreadable.

If that’s the case, create subtle presentation branding with subtle colouration. Consider a splash of brand colour in your background. Insert images of objects in your brand colours. On that note…





What images come into your mind when you think of Apple? Lattes and laptops? Glasses and turtlenecks? Without any branding, images can evoke the emotion of you or your client’s brand. But Apple’s easy. You’re probably going cross-eyed trying to come up with images for your own branding efforts. That’s great! You’ve got an opportunity to build the brand imagery from the bottom up.

To start, sit down and write a few words which fit with the organisation. Let’s say it’s a legacy financial firm. Though they’re decades old, they like investing in the latest industries. Clients like the fact that they apply old-school experience to an aggressively evolving economy.

You might write “fast-paced,” “financial,” and “old-fashioned.” Now think of images that works with those words. Classic cars. Green lamps. Leather gloves.

By giving your brand a language without words, your slides won’t even need logos.



Tone of Voice

We know we just said you should use imagery, but words can work wonders for branding. No two organisations sound similar. Some use slang and swear words to come across as casual. Others utilise industry terms and proper punctuation to sound professional. However your organisation sounds, you should evoke that voice on every slide. At the same time, you can’t cram your slide with words. Use sentences sparingly. Only use words when they complement your slide. Otherwise, your attempt to establish a tone of voice will overtake whatever your trying to say.



Typography is the king of subtle presentation branding. This goes with what we said above, because typography complements your tone of voice when your word-limit is tight. Use sharp, serifed fonts for professional presentations. Consider quirky, unusual fonts for edgier brands. This way, you can say a lot more about your brand with less words.

Of course, you still need to remember the 5 font rules for PowerPoint.


We hope you take these tips for subtle presentation branding onboard for your next presentation. Of course, you could still benefit from the insights of our professional presentation designers. Contact us today to see how we could subtly brand your presentation.

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