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Saving you time, money, and sanity

Access a wealth of knowledge with our free resource library.

If you’re looking for guidance, inspiration, or ready-made templates – there are resources here to help you on your PowerPoint design journey.

Try your hand at creating something beautiful in PowerPoint and see how we push the software to its limits With our selection of templates and ultimate guides, you’ll develop the skills and experience to craft incredible designs in PowerPoint for any audience or platform.

templates, Resources – Templates
templates, Resources – Templates

magazine mock-ups

Transform your ideas into print-ready designs with ease

If you’re looking to create a newsletter, magazine, or printed document, then these premade magazine templates will help get your designs from PowerPoint to paper sooner.

Whether for print or digital distribution, our magazine mockups are formatted and ready to populate with your content, so you can produce eye-catching print designs instantly with our templates.


Elevate your social media presence with pre-made animated GIFs​

Our social media GIF pack comes with completely customisable GIF templates across different styles. 

Designed and delivered in PowerPoint means these GIFs are easily edited and customised to suit your brand and message.

Mix and match various GIF types to keep your social media timeline fun and fresh. Create and share custom GIFs today.

templates, Resources – Templates
templates, Resources – Templates


Take your print designs from PowerPoint to paper effortlessly.

Whether for a brochure or poster, a print run or digital distribution –these templates are designed and formatted to suit a variety of paper sizes. Design beautiful documents easily with our brochure and poster templates.

powerpoint templates

Ensure the consistency of your designs with these PowerPoint templates.

Create quickly and conveniently without compromising on quality.

templates, Resources – Templates
templates, Resources – Templates

powerpoint templates 2

Add creativity, convenience, and consistency to your PowerPoint designs.

A sequel to our PowerPoint presentation templates. No need building brilliance from scratch – with quality templates.

Introduction animation templates

Introduce your brand with some animated flair.

These intro animation templates were designed and delivered in PowerPoint so you can easily incorporate your own messaging and content.
Add some animation and motion into any video or presentation effortlessly with these ready-made templates.

templates, Resources – Templates
templates, Resources – Templates

premade grid and guide templates

Stop creating inconsistent designs or getting your formatting wrong.

Our grid and guide templates will ensure your PowerPoint designs are properly aligned, formatted, and sized.