How we work has undergone a fundamental shift over the past few years, and as we emerge into the post-pandemic workplace, it seems likely that remote and hybrid work practices are here to stay. Office spaces and conference rooms are being re-designed with new technologies to accommodate on-site, hybrid, and remote employees. A recent analysis found that the availability of video conferencing devices including room-based endpoints, USB room devices, and personal communication devices will increase sixfold by 2025, with the global market estimated to reach $7.1 billion.

As PowerPoint aficionados, we’re always keeping an eye on Microsoft’s plans for future innovation. Recently, the tech giant has been focusing on increasing interactivity and engagement between presenters and audiences, streamlining the delivery of remote work presentations on Teams. Let’s take a look at what Microsoft has come up with, and how these solutions benefit both hybrid and remote workers:


Designed to be used exclusively with Teams, PowerPoint Live empowers both the presenter and the audience to create an inclusive and engaging experience. Located in the Share content section of Teams, PowerPoint Live provides all the tools presenters need to deliver a compelling presentation, including a custom presenter panel view which allows you to select specific slides, read your notes, engage with the chat, and adapt your presentation based on the live reactions of your audience, while your listeners can only see the active slide. Co-presenters can also easily gain access to Presenter View by using the Take control function.

On the audience side, PowerPoint Live encourages direct engagement with the presentation content. Listeners can click on hyperlinks and watch videos at their own pace, and react by sharing emojis in real-time with both their fellow attendees and the presenter. PowerPoint Live also offers an optimised viewing experience with crisp text and smooth transitions for each audience member, whether they are watching on a smartphone, laptop, tablet, desktop, or conference screen. Because PowerPoint Live uses significant less bandwith than typically required when sharing your screen on Teams, even listeners with a poor network connection will be able to follow your presentation with ease.


Cameo is a new feature available on PowerPoint which allows to insert your live camera feed directly onto a slide. You can then format, resize, crop, and apply transitions to the camera feed just like any other image, creating a more immersive experience for your audience. Keep in mind that to use this feature, you need an integrated or external camera connected to your computer, and must grant camera permissions to PowerPoint in your privacy settings.

Cameo can be combined with other new Microsoft features such as Speaker Coach, which offers useful reminders about pacing and the status of your audience during a live presentation, and Recording Studio, which lets you pre-record presentations for when you cannot present live or would like to re-use the presentation in the future. To use Cameo, simply click Insert, then Cameo to bring up a placeholder for the camera, and then select the Preview icon to turn on your camera feed.

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