Frodo Baggins wouldn’t have destroyed “the one ring” if Samwise Gamgee didn’t help him get to Mordor. Harry Potter probably would’ve died at the Triwizard tournament without Hermione and Ron. And your last marketing campaign would’ve been like jumping through hoops of fire over a poison lake without a reliable team. Having solid teamwork effects people’s attitudes in the workplace and the productivity of your marketing initiatives.

Maybe your team is already a tight-knit crew. Perhaps your team is just getting to know each other better. Either way, there are little things you can do to raise the everyday standards of your marketing team.

When raising the standard of your marketing team, the best approach is to first review how your team operates as a whole and as individuals. Then revise existing operations and readjust your course of action for future campaigns. Your team isn’t going to transform dramatically overnight. But by shedding unproductive habits, you can begin to see developments in day-to-day activities.


Set realistic goals for your team and for each individual player. It sets a clear direction as a group and inspires your team members to grow beyond their roles. Try choosing a dynamic marketing methodology that works for your team and see how that could influence your productivity.

It’s also important to implement collaboration tools for transparency, accountability, and data sharing. We like to use Podio at Synapsis Creative, and it helps our team communicate effectively and complete tasks with adequate support.


Open communication relies on trust and by encouraging autonomy within your team, each individual is told their valuable skills don’t need to be monitored. As a business leader, you set the standard for how others treat each other and how people speak to one another. Clarify your expectations to your team and guide them on how to better allocate their time. With this said, your team looks to you as an indicator of their work ethic. If you’re coming to meetings late and sending incoherent emails, it gives your team members leeway to behave the same. Be a champion for open communication.


Implementing strategies and planning are definitely important. But it’s vital to sit-back and assess the overall productivity of your team. Once you can identify problems, then you can create strategies to minimise or eliminate future problems. There will be blunders along the way, but when issues arise, your ability to provide timely feedback will influence how your marketing team grows and how individuals reach their personal goals.


  • Micromanage
  • Burn your team out with mountains of work


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