In this episode of ‘Inside Synapsis’ we’re looking at the printing process and how we can create a range of assets to be shared digitally or in print format – all of which is produced in PowerPoint.

Coming from a background in magazine editorial, I’ve always had a soft spot for traditional print. I still don’t own a Kindle, but my library is close to 600 books, which makes moving apartments a nightmare. I’m old-school like that and there are arguments from various academics about tactile learning and the value of physical collateral over digital, but that’s another argument for another blog.

People (especially those that work in the industry) often lament the ‘death of print’ and it’s an easy argument to make considering the ubiquity of smartdevices and how this immediate online access has changed the way we consume and share information.

The damaging role printing plays in deforestation has made digital the environmentally conscious option for sharing information and has made word nerds like me feel guilty for buying first-hand books. But, I’m not here to pontificate the value of tactile reading material in this digital era, because the war against screens is a lost battle, though print still has its place.

Deciding whether the end-product is for printing or PDF will determine various things such as the specifications, dimensions, and the amount of colour used (since printing colour costs extra).

As an agency, we can consult with printers on your behalf, develop concepts based on your branding (or completely from scratch), ghostwrite or edit content for you, and even sort our merchandise orders for your print run. We’ve worked with clients to deliver a suite of branded collateral such as banner posters, pens, travel cups, tote bags, chocolate boxes, and notebooks.

The beauty of designing and delivering in PowerPoint is that it’s very easy to edit your collateral for different formats or audiences. Creating a logo for a massive media wall? No worries. Want to reuse that logo for an email signature or printed letterhead? Piece of cake.

Our design and editing process minimises the traditional back and forth between client and agency, so someone with zero design experience can make tiny edits quickly and easily. Furthermore, this means your marketing dollar can go further as designed collateral can comfortably be repurpose or reused. While other agencies provide designed products, we offer design as a service so they can reclaim creative control.

Clients get complete approval throughout the design and editing process, and since we create in PowerPoint, this is a streamlined process that ensures designs are aligned with client expectations and delivered promptly.

Even within this digital era, printing remains a vital marketing resource that can often be as effective as online campaigns. In our experiences, printed collateral generally works better when supported by digital/online material, such as directing audiences to a website or linking printed collateral to social media. All of this is possible through PowerPoint or with the assistance of a design agency that understands holistic marketing campaigns – like us!



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