The presentation – what!?
The Presentation Guild is the superglue for presentation designers and organisations in the growing world of presentation design. It’s an organisation that brings like-minded people together and provides a comprehensive education and learning platform for graphic designers. They combine community with purpose, and it’s this quality that makes the Presentation Guild unique.
And now Synapsis Creative is a proud sponsor of the ever-impressive Presentation Guild!

With presentation design such a niche facet of the graphic design industry, the Presentation Guild fosters a sense of community and offers the ability for designers to enhance their skills. The great thing about the Guild is that it’s not limited to just one program or software. And as much as we’d like to tout our PowerPoint presentation muscles, it’s fantastic that the Presentation Guild covers a variety of presentation programs and software that designers actually use.
Their focus on growing a community is an ongoing mission. With social commentary on “death by PowerPoint,” Jeff Bezos banning PowerPoint at Amazon, and the unfortunate belief of torture by presentation design, it’s kind of reassuring to have an organisation that can push back against the criticism by promoting a better way to do presentations.
Having a Presentation Guild legitimises the role of presentation designers and recognises the necessity for their skills and expertise. For those interested in the Presentation Guild, membership provides an ocean of benefits for newbies and seasoned professionals. Access to industry experts and networking opportunities ensure that members learn from the best and can lean on each other if need be. Being able to stay on top of industry trends, professional development, and active discussion forums enables presentation designers to be at the peak of their craft and professional aspirations.
As individual members and as a design agency that sponsors the Presentation Guild, Synapsis Creative is excited to be a part of the strengthening of the presentation community and to be industry educators in collaboration with an internationally recognised organisation