Last week, we shared feedback from our presentations for the Presentation Summit 2018. This is our team’s experience of Presum18 and their week in the United States.

Presum18, Presentation Summit 2018
“Every year I attend the Presentation summit, I’m blown away by the warmth, welcoming and community-driven atmosphere. It’s utterly astonishing to find a tribe of people so bound by something as simple (yet complex) as a vocation in Presentation Design. The excitement of others finding their tribe is infectious and the friendships built are lasting.” – Tom

If you’ve missed the news, since the Presentation Summit, Synapsis Creative has become a proud sponsor of the Presentation Guild. The summit was an opportunity for our team to learn about the movements of the industry and to contribute to the knowledge of the presentation designers in attendance.
To keep it real, the week leading up to the Presentation Summit was a whirlwind – trying to get all the content and design ready was a collaborative effort. But it all worked out in the end with Tom receiving perfect scores for the presentations he gave on “Principles of Animation” and “UI Design and Why it Matters.”
Let’s recap with the team.
Presum18, Presentation Summit 2018

What Was It Like?

“It was like meeting Presentation ‘celebrities’ – names I’ve seen and heard ever since I started in the industry but never thought I’d eventually meet. After getting over my networking fear, I really enjoyed meeting other designers. That being said, I thought there was going to be more design, presentation theory and designers at the conference. Made me wonder if I should do something about it.” – Sam
“This is the first Presentation Summit or even business conference of its kind that I have been to before. If this is the kind of thing to look forward to at other events I’m keen to go again! The people I met wanted to be friends first and business later. It was all about the community and sharing of knowledge and passion.” – Keira

Highlights from the Presentation Summit

“I felt validated and more confident knowing that there were others who follow/set the same principles and rules I do in PowerPoint.” – Sam

 KERNING! Don’t ignore this!!! – words of wisdom by Keira

The Guru Session

One of the few opportunities to “get real” with representatives of Microsoft and talk about PowerPoint in its flawed glory. If you’ve never stayed up until 2AM drinking beer and wine talking all things PowerPoint, you’ve never really lived.

Every spare moment between the amazing sessions

It’s almost a given that the sessions are an incredibly valuable source and the driving force behind the success of the Summit. However, in those 5-15mins between sessions, as you’re grabbing a snack or beverage, that is the opportunity to go up to someone and ask what their takeaways from the previous session were. It’s in those moments that you find one of three things:
1) A unique perspective (often different to yours) on how someone would put to use the key takeaways from the session and therefore learn a new methodology or approach.
2) A controversial opinion and the opportunity to dive deep into the discussion to find out the intricacies of their opinion on the session.
3) The value to build even further on the ideas or concepts discussed in the session to develop new theories and approaches not previously discussed but that the previous session provided a solid foundation to discuss upon.

Those few moments of sleep

It says something extraordinary of a Summit that one of the highlights were the moments when the summit didn’t have anything scheduled. These were highlights only due to their in their absence and scarcity. The schedule is full to bursting and the value you get from every moment returns its investment for every moment until the next years Summit.

One New Thing You Learnt

The industry is changing fast

I first attended the summit 5 years ago and each time I attend I’ve noticed incremental changes in the profile of not only the average presentation designer but also the skillsets of what a presentation design holds. This is pointing to a significant shift in the industry as a whole as the adoption of design aesthetic becomes of parallel importance to technical execution of the solution.  The attendance of multiple agency representatives was a wonderful indicator of the investment that’s being made in the industry of presentation design.

“This year was my first time attending the Presentation Summit. I was expecting full days filled with training sessions, specialised talks and opportunities to network. However, what I didn’t expect was a very warm and welcoming community. It was great to have the opportunity to listen, learn and talk to industry leaders, experienced presenters and other fellow presentation designers. The best thing I took from the Presentation Summit was the opportunity to see how big and global the Presentation Industry is and how much more room there is for growth. I highly recommend every Presentation Designer and Graphic Designer to attend at least once!” – Alice

Wow! Sounds like it was an amazing week away for the team. I’m sure everyone is looking forward to Presum19. If you want to find out more about the Presentation Summit, please contact us or subscribe to our blog.