Make no mistake, PowerPoint presentations are an art. While they won’t end up in a gallery, you’ll end up in the red if you don’t get them right. So how do you nail it? As Picasso said, good artists borrow and great artists steal. To make your next business presentation great, steal presentation inspiration from the following four PowerPoints.


How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint


In this funny, smart Ted Talk, David Phillips tells us how to avoid that familiar punishment: death by PowerPoint. As the founder of Sweden’s largest presentation agency, his advice is invaluable. It can also be summarised in these five points:

1 – One message per slide

2 – Use contrast and size to steer focus

3 – Avoid using sentences when speaking at the same time

4 – Use dark backgrounds if you can

5 – Include no more than six objects per slide.


How Google works


If you’ll pardon the pun, this business presentation just works. It uses Google’s simple colour scheme consistently, enhancing its powerful illustrations. These illustrations never overwhelm the white space. Each slide makes one point perfectly well, with only a few words. That said, this isn’t just a lesson in making the best business presentation. It also shows you how to foster innovation in your business.


Crap: The Content Marketing Deluge


As content marketers, we couldn’t agree more with that first slide. Every slide in this excellent presentation is anything but crap. But why? Because they use simple colours and concise copy to sell a clever concept.

If you can do the same in your business presentation, you’ll go further than you could imagine. Don’t believe us? Look at our next example.


AirBnB’s early pitch deck


You’ve probably stayed at an AirBnB. They have a userbase of 150 million, and a value of 31 billion. How did they get so big? Because they sold themselves with this simple, powerful presentation. We love their use of size and colour to keep key points clear. You can also see this in their simple illustrations. Best of all? That tag-line says everything in seven words.


More Presentation Inspiration


We hope you’ve stolen some great ideas from these slide-decks. While you’re at it, feel free to take some presentation inspiration from our own portfolio.

Not feeling inspired? Get in touch with one of our professional presentation designers.

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