To template or not to template: that is the question! When it comes to work presentations, there’s often a fine line between wanting to create something original and compelling, and trying to meet a fast-approaching deadline. Using one of Microsoft PowerPoint’s built-in templates is sure to save you valuable time, but can also be limiting and produce a generic result. On the other hand, creating a PowerPoint deck from scratch is daunting if you don’t have any previous design experience.

Not sure when to use built-in themes and templates, create your own presentation, or approach an agency for a bespoke PowerPoint? As presentation design experts, we’re here to help:


Microsoft PowerPoint offers a wide range of built-in themes and templates, allowing users to search for the design which best suits their requirements. There are both free basic templates and premium templates exclusive to Microsoft 365 subscribers available. Because these templates are easily customisable, they are great to use for last-minute pitches, internal meetings, or monthly stakeholder reports.

You can choose to use a theme, which is a predefined set of colours, fonts, and visual effects that can be applied throughout your presentation deck to create a harmonious, professional look, or a template which combines both a theme and editable content to fit your presentation style. Although convenient, built-in templates are easily recognisable (and boring) for audiences, and can become cluttered when you attempt to include multiple graphics or data visualisations. To learn more, check out our blog post on why you should avoid the trap of built-in templates.


If you have the time to spare, then nothing is more impressive than creating an original presentation. It is worth noting that if your company has strict brand guidelines including the use of specific logos, fonts, and colour palettes, than it will definitely be easier in the long run to design your own PowerPoint deck, rather than attempt to edit an existing template to match.

We recommend that if you ever get stuck during the design process or need some inspiration to check out our range of free downloadable eBooks. We have combined our team’s collective expertise to create a series of informative and user-friendly guides on everything from PowerPoint slide design and basic design principles to data visualisation and creating interactive content!


Sometimes you just want to hit that sweet spot between expediency and creativity. A standard built-in template won’t do, but you’re also running short on time before the presentation needs to be complete. Our free resource library could be the ace up your sleeve – we offer a collection of beautifully designed, unique PowerPoint templates to suit any brand or audience, formatted to ensure quality and consistency across your entire design.

But if this is the sales pitch which could make your career, or you need to deliver a clear, specific message, having a bespoke presentation created by a team of PowerPoint experts could be your path to success. Each designer at Synapsis Creative has a deep passion for producing their best work for every one of our clients, crafting innovative presentations customised to your specifications with every aspect painstakingly designed to engage and inspire your audience. Contact us for a free quote and access the boundless creative potential of PowerPoint today!

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