This is part two of a four-part series investigating the different ways that PowerPoint is misused! In the first instalment, we discussed the use of PowerPoint to create hybrid print documents, enabling PDF and printability in standard print sizes. This instalment, we’re going to talk about video and animation. Before we start, take a quick look at the video below to see an outline of what we’re talking about.



This is the most favoured delivery of PowerPoint. It is expected to be the fastest growing area of delivery for PowerPoint in the future. Here’s why:


1. It’s Video and Video is King

You don’t need to be a marketer to know that video captures an audience’s attention more than static advertising. We’re programmed to watch video and we process the information better when it’s in motion. Facebook videos are particularly effective because of their ability to reach a large amount of people, including your target audience. When Facebook pushes a form of media, you’ll see the expectations of your audience align to it. Just look at how 360 degree video is building momentum!



2. You Can Customise It

There are so many creative ways to enable effective customisation of a PowerPoint Animation. Want a video that references the name and business of potential customers? You can have a PowerPoint with completely editable fields for this content. Further, you can use a customised program that inserts this information into thousands of videos that are specifically for each customer. Want to align your video to be co-branded with you and your client’s colour schemes? No problem- fire a will and change colours with simple clicks. You can also customise your pitch video to your target industry by selecting and deleting scenes in your video. The options are endless.



3. It’s Low Budget

A traditionally built ‘explainer’ video will run around $10-15k for the bells and whistles. It’s quite hard to find a vendor under $3000 for 1 minute video. Unless you’re looking at PowerPoint videos. Our average pricing sits just a fraction above $1000 per minute of animation. We’re able to do this by saving time in producing storyboards in PowerPoint. We then animate those storyboards directly. Once the storyboard slides are confirmed, these become our ‘scenes’ and we animate from there. Our clients normally receive 2-4 customised videos for the price of a single video.

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