PowerPoint has its established place as a presentation tool for businesspeople, corporates, and your boring university professor. Everyone has some basic understanding of how to use PowerPoint as a presentation program and it MIGHT be because you’ve always been using it.
And it’s (arguably) due to the introduction of PowerPoint in primary and secondary education. So how is PowerPoint being used in schools today?
In August this year, 15-year-old Tristan Mona won the title of “PowerPoint Champion of the World.” I know – who knew there was such a title?
Similarly, in June, 17-year-old Linh Nguyen was named the 2018 Microsoft Office Specialist PowerPoint Champion at an event known as the 2018 Microsoft Office Specialist U.S. National Championships.
Besides the fact that you’ve likely never heard of such competitions, it’s kind of cool (but also somewhat strange) that so many young people are into PowerPoint.

Not so boring and corporate now, is it?

PowerPoint is known as presentation software but most people don’t utilise its capacity as an education tool for engagement, learning, and design. Research shows that students prefer PowerPoint over textbooks and that 61% of students find lessons more interesting if it includes a PowerPoint presentation.
Students in school today grew up with technology – and their Gen X and Baby Boomer teachers need to incorporate a meaningful use of digital technology to keep their brains engaged.
It brings up a very important conversation about the way teachers continue to use PowerPoint in schools and how young people today are using technology. While it can be used as an intuitive presentation program, it possesses lesser known tools to create animations, videos, and 3D visuals.
Using PowerPoint as an educational tool costs schools next to nothing. With design capabilities, young people today have the opportunity to use PowerPoint in new and exciting ways.

Use Presentations to Engage and Educate Young People

  • Ask students to create their own. Instead of making students give speeches, get them to design a presentation.
  • Use presentation slides as a replacement for worksheets.
  • Facilitate classroom discussion using a presentation.

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