PowerPoint Has Gone Rogue! Part 1: Print Presentation

I’m writing a four-part series celebrating the different ways that PowerPoint is misused.

At our studio, Synapsis Creative, we don’t just put together Presentations for big screens. We researched four ways that PowerPoint is used – animation, print, onscreen and interactivity. These are also loosely reflective of the corporate design medium disciplines. Our studio designers are publishing a video highlighting the advantages of using PowerPoint for each of these mediums. The first one we’ve chosen is Page.


Putting together PDF/Print style documents in PowerPoint is one of the biggest ‘non-presentation’ ways that PowerPoint is misused. So much can come from making a design in PowerPoint and saving it in PDF form. This content can then be uploaded to websites, published for clients and so much more! There are so many options.




A video on the celebration of using PowerPoint to create PDF/Page design.


So what’s the story?

Every year, Synapsis Creative does a roadshow visiting the large advertising, marketing and content agencies in Australia. Many of these agencies are also the largest in the world! We like to show them what’s happening in PowerPoint and our latest technical developments. The conversations from these meetings are very real and very honest. As an agency who uses PowerPoint as our primary medium, we’ll never take a share in above the line (ATL) marketing. We’re okay with that. But these large scale agencies are also producing corporate documents for their clients, internal booklets, internal team updates and other such documents.

A single document can cost upwards of $10,000. For that sum, their client gets a PDF. That is all. A single PDF that they cannot edit or reuse layouts or design aspects. Clients have to re-do every step if they want changes made and they have to pay again! This process is impractical for documents that are updated on quarterly, monthly, weekly or daily basis.

A creative agency contact once told me that 20-30% of revenue is from client edits. This could be anything from changing a single word, an update of numbers or swapping out of an image.


print, PowerPoint Rogue Series | Part 1: Print Presentation


So let’s celebrate three simple ways this fantastic misuse of PowerPoint investigation can be beneficial.


It’s editable

PowerPoint can easily put together Portrait A4/Letter size slides (‘pages’).  Pages can help you to design documents with your company branding and interesting visuals. Each document is completed from a design team. The PowerPoint pages are handed over to our clients so any requests can be changed and at no cost whatsoever.


It has crossover to other documents

Once you have a document of PowerPoint pages, you are able to move, change, recolour and rewrite every element. The editing feature is another advantage that allows PowerPoint slides to be copied and brought into other PowerPoint slides. This brings real design throughout an entire suite of collaterals that may be associated to a project. Infographics can be designed on a single PowerPoint page. Each element can easily be copied and pasted onto an individual slide, so as to tell the story in presentation format. The crossover from just one PowerPoint Page design into so many other potential documents, slides and animations is enormous.


It’s easy to use

Feedback from our clients has been that the ability for anyone on a marketing team to update a professionally designed document, without specialist skills or software and republish electronically within minutes has transformed how they work. Content republishing is dynamic and single page infographics can be updated and distributed. Clients can receive them as PDFs, holding a significant professionalism whilst being edited until the last second. Internal reports have the impact of a designed document, with the cost effectiveness of using the same PowerPoint Page structure quarter-on-quarter.

Reducing the overall turn-around times with a design agency and increasing the agility and resourcefulness of the document on the client side.


print, PowerPoint Rogue Series | Part 1: Print Presentation


So here’s to a wonderful misuse of PowerPoint! Next up we’ll be writing about usage in Motion/Animation projects and then interactive projects.



We at Synapsis Creative have created some FREE PowerPoint brochure templates for you to use. Change the text, fonts, colours and images to suit your company or personal projects. Created in A4 and A3, these are perfect for printing or exporting as a PDF and uploading to your website.


You can check out the second part of this series here!




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