We do everything on our phones; video-call our friends, check emails, upload holiday photos on Facebook, and even create PowerPoint presentations.

PowerPoint mobile is not new, but it’s underutilised as a convenient application for people on the go.

If you’ve got an eligible Office 365 subscription, then creating on PowerPoint and other Microsoft apps will be a breeze on mobile. While people view presentations from their mobile, very few have ventured into the realm of building and editing mobile-friendly PowerPoints. If you need to make basic edits on your presentation, the mobile application can help you find the time when your day is too busy for you to sit down and design.

Imagine writing text, creating slides, adding simple animations and transitions while waiting for coffee or stuck standing in a packed train. By the time you get to the office, you have the beginnings of your presentation which can sync to your desktop, laptop, or tablet. AND it’s compatible with Android and iOS.

Present From Your Palm

Don’t have a clicker? Not in front of a keyboard? Try presenting from your mobile! It has specific live capabilities like highlighting text as you present or using your finger or stylus to draw on the slide.

Keep Your Design

Your presentation will look good on any device because the design and layout stay the same. Use inbuilt mobile themes and templates, look online, or start from scratch. And any changes you make on the slides will save automatically.

Access Presentation Notes

If you’re in a rush, why not plan your speaker notes directly into the PowerPoint? If you’re on the way to speak, instead of pulling out of your laptop, practice and refresh your memory by accessing your presentation and reviewing your speech.

Mobile-Friendly Design

When initially creating the PowerPoint or editing, remember our tips for optimal design.

  • High-Contrast Colours: pick a basic colour scheme which draws the attention of your audience and will be eye-catching for both mobile and large displays. Avoid muted tones.
  • Powerful Images: the great thing about working from your mobile, is that you can upload pictures from your gallery directly. This is handy for when you’re away on a business trip or if you need a quick update showing pictures you took on-site.

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