content writing, PowerPoint eBook Download – eLearning



Make learning an interactive and engaging experience.
If teaching students or staff something new, why limit yourself to traditional learning experiences like video, presentation, or print? eLearning puts the training and education program into the audience’s hands, offering them the opportunity to learn at their own pace, engage with multimedia content that demonstrates their progress, and ensures content is more memorable and impactful. Learn more about the value of eLearning versus traditional teaching methods and discover how to build your own eLearning experiences in PowerPoint, so you can share the knowledge.
  • eLearning’s development throughout history and its increasing value in education.
  • The various types of eLearning methods and how each one engages students.
  • Interactive learning files such as PDFs and PowerPoint presentations.
  • Designing and publishing eLearning experiences with PowerPoint.
content writing, PowerPoint eBook Download – eLearning