In November 2015, PowerPoint received an upgrade unlike any before – artificial intelligence (AI). PowerPoint Designer has added endless new options; suggesting layouts, theme styles, imagery, and colour palettes based on text and pictures.

The adaptability of PowerPoint files has improved significantly with the addition of this feature. Users now automatically get design recommendations based on the content they’ve already added.

PowerPoint Designer – the Smarter Choice

This incredible capability has really changed the way we look at our designs. While we’ve always enjoyed the flexibility PowerPoint offers us and our clients, the addition of AI brings a new dynamic to what Synapsis Creative can deliver.

Designer’s recommendations mean clients can now produce computer-generated remixes of our designs in seconds. This means designs are more easily amended, therefore increasing marketing ROI. The motivation behind this added capability was to help users ensure their designs were consistently on brand but still easy to share, edit, export, and change.

PowerPoint Designer has streamlined and automated the creative process. Users simply open a blank presentation and enter words onto the slide. Designer then recommends a selection of high-quality photographs that reflect the text, as well as theme styles and complementary colour palettes.

Designer of Data

Powerpoint Designer has also been integrated with Microsoft Research Perspective Engine. The software now recognises when a slide contains a large number that might be difficult to interpret and puts into context by automatically augmenting the text with a corresponding perspective.

For example: “Victoria is 237,629 km²” may be hard for audiences to interpret. However, adding “that’s about equal to the size of the UK” offers audiences some perspective. These relative measurements are now automatically generated through PowerPoint Designer’s AI.

Since its launch, Designer has now created over one billion slides for PowerPoint users. It has allowed businesses to use branded templates while offering theme ideas to those without them.

Designer’s AI is tailored towards improving the aesthetic of PowerPoint designs while improving users’ presentation skills through Presenter Coach.

Presentation Perfected

Presenter Coach allows users to enter rehearsal mode and, while speaking, receive on-screen guidance. It highlights presenters’ pacing, inclusive language, use of filler words, and culturally insensitive phrases.

Presenter Coach also lets users know when they’re just reading off the slide (which is a massive presentation no-no). At the end of each rehearsal session, users are provided a detailed report with metrics for additional practice.

PowerPoint design is now more accessible with AI automating functions that would otherwise take time and skill. The development of Designer and Presenter Coach demonstrate synthesis between design and technology.

We’re here to help more people unlock the potential of PowerPoint’s ever-growing capabilities. A single template or slideshow design can now be reinterpreted and redesigned instantly with AI.

We’re finally seeing the promises of Back to the Future being realised (so where’s my hoverboard?!) Digital technology is using data analysis and algorithms to create designs tailored specifically to content and audience.

A lesser designer would be worried about being replaced by robots like an automotive plant worker. However, at Synapsis Creative, we’re excited to see how this ever-evolving technology will create a new world of presentation design possibilities.  



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