We’re going to kick off our Start-Up Series to help aspiring business leaders begin their journey into the world of 100ft yachts and luxury cars.
Well, I can’t guarantee the yachts or cars. But I can help you get the ball rolling with pitch decks that made billions.

Not every pitch is like Shark Tank. If you’ve never seen Shark Tank, it’s a bunch of investors trying to figure out whether they’ll invest into someone’s business venture.

Brightwheel is a great example of a quick, straight-forward pitch that addresses a problem, provides the solution, and can back it up with viable metrics. Your pitch deck doesn’t have to be the most complex or filled with a crazy amount of data. It can be short and simple, with a really big idea.  Let’s keep that in mind when looking at the pitch decks made billions.


Our favourite “home away from home” app was valued at $38 billion. This year alone predicts $3.8 billion in revenue for Airbnb.


I’m sure that when we first heard of Uber, we thought it was basically a kidnapping service. The thought of getting into a stranger’s car was disconcerting, especially since it’s been ingrained into our brains that we don’t get into cars with people we don’t know. But since we’ve all abandoned that fear, Uber is now worth a mind blowing $48 billion.


Tinder, formerly known as Match Box, was valued at $3 billion as of 2017. The app has revolutionised how people date and meet. This simple pitch deck tells us about the problem and how Tinder solved it.

The one thing these pitch decks all have in common is that they’ve solved a problem, addressed it, and gave the stats to back it up. And while the presentation design isn’t exactly up to scratch, these companies were being pitched during the early to late 2000s, which wasn’t exactly the peak of design or technology. In the coming weeks, we’ll show you how to create and design a stunning pitch deck to get your business off the ground.
“Entrepreneur” and “start-up” are words that get thrown around a lot. But what do they actually mean in terms of business success? Read our Thursday blog to find out the factors that lead to start-up success and the components of an effective pitch deck. Check out the rest of this Start-Up Series with part 2, part 3, and part 4
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