The results are in for the Presentation Summit 2018. The Synapsis Creative team have worked tirelessly to build an informative, imaginative, and engaging presentation to educate fellow presentation designers.

“Stellar presentation! I was hooked from the very beginning and didn’t want it to end.”

Tom Howell, the founder and lead of our humble design agency, gave two presentations, “Principles of Animation” and “UI Design and Why it Matters.”
Members of our team spent an amazing week in the U.S. and while it was a good balance of work and play, Tom’s presentations stood out for more than a few reasons.
presentation summit, Perfect Presentations for the Presentation Summit

“As always Tom delivers content in a pounding, fast-paced style but rendered a great presentation with a ton of valuable information. He offers a lot to digest and one has to pay close attention, but he is one of my favourites due to the above plus a down to earth unpretentious high energy style.”

Audience feedback is valuable because it tells us whether we’re right on the bull’s eye or if we’ve missed the mark. In both instances, Tom’s presentation content and presenting skills did not go unnoticed by his fellow presentation designers. The Presentation Summit was an opportunity to showcase our presentation skills and to help educate members in the industry.

“Amazing information. Learned something I didn’t realise was possible, even though I thought I’d pushed the boundaries of PowerPoint.”

presentation summit, Perfect Presentations for the Presentation Summit
Bring on Presum2019! Synapsis Creative will be back and better than ever.