We love our team here at Synapsis Creative. To celebrate them, we’re interviewing a new team member every week. This time we’re talking to our Junior Designer Zeeshan! Zee joined our team in April, and he’s already done some incredible work.

In your own words, what do you do at Synapsis Creative?


Because I’m one of the youngest team members, I’m still learning the ropes from the very talented Samantha Chan. Seriously, I’ve never seen anyone so fluid in PowerPoint! At first I thought the program was too limited for professional design, but her mad PowerPoint Jedi skills have proved me wrong.



And what’s your career path been like?


I started off in a tiny design office illustrating for a diaper brand. My illustrations went on the little waistbands around each diaper. Doing that for a year and a half taught me a lot as I finished my Bachelor’s Degree.

After graduating, I took a job at Saatchi & Saatchi. That set off a ten year stint in the intense world of advertising. After my decade in adland I moved to Sydney, where I worked with a few agencies while finishing my Master’s Degree. Now, Synapsis Creative is my first full-time agency experience in Australia.



So how did you get into the presentation design industry?


I’ve had many, many interviews over the past 6 months. When I interviewed for Synapsis, I was sold the idea that Powerpoint’s this amazing, untapped design platform. I’d never really considered that before, but now I’m convinced.



What sort of projects do you love working on?


I love minimal, clean designs with a dash of animation. It just makes them seem more fluid than clunky. Because of that, I’ve loved working with Yoghurt Digital.



And what would you say inspires your work?


So much stuff! I love animations, packaging designs, and clever typography. I’m also inspired by colour, particularly pop art, David LaChapelle’s photography, and fashion brands like Paul Smith.



What special skills and and expertise do you bring to the table?


Coming from an ad agency background, I’m big on big ideas. I’m also good at telling stories, and get a buzz from simplifying things without sacrificing interest.



So what do you enjoy most about your role?


Oh definitely the freedom to play on a new platform. It’s been a great chance to push the stagnant boundaries of print design. I mean, why put a pretty page together when you could make layouts that come to life with the touch of a button?



And finally,  what do you like to do in your free time?


I’m not super social, so I love curling up on the couch with my cat, my video games, and my movies. My absolute favourite genres are animation and horror. While I love my me time, I like sharing my sarcastic sense of humour when I’m out with friends.

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