At the heart of every good studio is a studio manager that holds everything together, ensures no one is crushed under their workloads, and keeps the vibes in the office positive. So allow me to introduce the bright-haired and bubbly man that keeps our studio operating seamlessly – Ash.

What do you do in your role as Studio Manager?

I’m in charge of making sure all our work is done on time and within budget. I make sure work is scheduled with the right designer and that we quality check our work. I also run the day to day going of our studio from making sure the bar fridge is fully stock for a Friday afternoon to ensuring everyone up from their desk each morning to go for our regular coffee run.

What has been your career path leading up to this role?

My most recent employment was with another agency is a Workflow and Studio Management capacity. My skill set comes from a theatre management and production management of theatre shows. Which I bring seven years of experience from organising productions to a tight deadlines. Bringing together multiple aspects of a theatre production to ensure everyone is ready for that first curtain is very similar to ensuring all the aspects of our video or print jobs are ready on time for a clients go live date.  

How did you get into studio management?

My partner recommended me for a studio management role with an agency as she thought it would match my skillset. And with that one swift move I’d fallen into agency life.

What sort of projects do you most enjoy working on?

I enjoy collaborating with a team, so it’s wonderful to watch our content and design teams work together to develop interesting and intuitive concepts that speak for the brands that we work with. As someone who doesn’t have a lot of creative input I get my enjoyment out of seeing others enjoy the difficult jobs that challenge the way the team might use PowerPoint or provoke conversation about how to fix a challenge.

What are your best sources of inspiration?

I’m inspired by hardworking people who create and drive change, like Lady Trample the founder of Chicks in Bowls a skatepark movement that has turn into a brand, a business and a way of life. She is a passionate skater, a fierce friend and a champion of change. I’m also inspired by art and follow artists who are breaking moulds in their fields such as Tori Li from Thirteen Feet Tattoo and Tallon Tattoo from Tori Sumi.

What special skills and expertise do you bring to your role?

I’m organised, a methodical problem solver and bubbly. My skillset comes from years of making sure all the ducks are in a row and when the ducks go askew trying to get them all back on task as quickly and efficiently as possible. Organising the Chaos!

What do you enjoy most about your role at Synapsis Creative?

At the moment we’re in a period of growth and development to make sure that we have consistencies is our outputs, policies and procedures between our Sydney and San Francisco offices. So the challenge of coordinating the studio from a single space to ensuring both offices are working independently and at the same time supporting each other is one that I’m relishing. The bonus is the team we have is fabulous, so getting great work done here is pretty easy to do.

How do you enjoy spending your free time?

I’m the captain of Sydney City SMASH, Sydney’s men’s roller derby team and compete with them all over Australia. I’ve recently joined the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir, so when I’m not using my skating muscles, I’m flexing my vocal chords. Apart from my hobbies, you’ll find me trying delicious food all over the city and hunting for the best cocktails Sydney has to offer.

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