To maximise the impact of your PowerPoint, you must make it memorable. This will leave a long-lasting impression, improving your relationship with your audience. To leave lasting impressions with PowerPoint, follow these four tips:

Tap into emotion


Science shows that most of our memory is tied into emotion. By tying your messages to strong emotion, you can leave lasting impressions.

To arouse emotions in your audience, invest in emotional imagery. We’ve written about the art of finding images in the past, but in general:


  • Consider colour psychology – Red for anger, blue for calm, the list goes on!
  • Use images of human faces – We recognise emotion in everything from a raised eyebrow to a lowered lip
  • Tap into the power of symbolism – A log-fire could make us feel cosy, while a forest fire might make us feel anxious



Be consistent


How do we commit information to memory? By studying it over and over again. The same principle applies when you want to leave lasting impressions in PowerPoint.

To make your PowerPoint memorable, re-use themes and designs across every slide. Just look at this clever presentation from Jesse Desjardins. Note its use of vintage stock photographs. This is an intentional choice to give the presentation a memorable identity

By giving your presentations memorable identities, you’ll be sure to leave lasting impressions. Don’t stress about making it relevant. After all, an unusual theme will make your presentation stand out in its category.



Stay simple


We’ve talked about simplifying your presentation in previous posts. The simple fact is, clearing the clutter in your presentation is crucial if you want to leave lasting impressions.

The science behind this is simple. Our eyes love to order what they see into easy categories. If your slides have a lot to take in, it’s less likely your audience will remember what they were saying.

To avoid this, ensure you do the following:


  • Stick to one idea per slide
  • Use visuals instead of blocks of text
  • Don’t overload each slide with visuals



Get clever


This sounds a lot easier said than done, but getting clever isn’t incredibly difficult. To start, consider your message. As an example, let’s say you’re presenting to your office about the importance of going paperless.

Now, drill down to the roots of what you’re trying to say. In this case, going paperless goes back to the root cause of environmental conservation.

Once you know the root of your message, consider other branches which stretch out from it. While one branch of environmental conservation is your office going paperless, another is Captain Planet and The Planeteers:



Now, if it would be appropriate, all you have to do is tie the two branches together. In our example, it could involve a cheesy presentation in the style of that classic cartoon. Wouldn’t that be more fun than a few mindless statistics about saving on paper?



As you can see, it’s easy to leave lasting impressions using PowerPoint. To help you make more memorable presentations, contact our team today.




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