It occurred to me that Jay Gracia has been writing content for us for months and still hasn’t been formally introduced to you. So please meet our content editor and resident hip-hop head – Joaquin aka Jay.

What do you do in your role as Content Editor?

I basically handle all the written content that comes out of our agency. Whether it’s copy for printed collateral, blog content, video scripts, or even important emails – I’ll write and/or edit it.

What has been your career path leading up to this role?

I started writing as a contributor for music and culture website While it was fun to get free concert tickets and CDs to review (remember when people paid for albums?), writing for free was challenging for a starving university student, so after graduation I took up a journalist gig with a magazine for high-level executives. This was my first professional role as a writer and I loved it.

Writing for a living felt like a cheat code, so I kept at it. I moved to Seattle and Vancouver for a while, freelancing and bartending to stay alive, moved back here to write/edit for some other industry-specific magazines, and then eventually wound up at Synapsis Creative – my first ever agency role.

How did you get into content writing?

University not only taught me how to juggle poverty, deadlines, and burgeoning alcoholism; it also gave me a deep appreciation for reading. While I almost never did my prescribed readings for class, having access to UNSW’s library was almost worth the crippling HECS debt I amassed. I spent years reading everything I could and then adopted the mentality of author Junot Diaz: “I think writing was a ruse to live permanently in reading.”

What sort of projects do you most enjoy working on?

Since I’ve written for almost every professional sector, it’s always a pleasure to learn something new through one of our clients. I once ghostwrote a couple of blogs for a female executive about workplace gender disparity – that really opened my eyes to the female plight and the history of toxic masculinity. Sisters are doing for themselves, even if men are sometimes ghostwriting their content.

What are your best sources of inspiration?

I’m always a sucker for great writers – whether from literature, music, film, video games, or television. I believe comedians often make the best writers and video games are the pinnacle of creative media. Also, whiskey tends to be my most effective method for eliminating writer’s block.

What special skills and expertise do you bring to your role?

I’m a ‘word-nerd’ at heart, so my talents revolve around writing and communications. I also have a wealth of useless facts and hip hop lyrics floating around my head, so I can easily slip ridiculous (and often outdated) cultural references into everyday conversation (just look at our blogs for proof). Seriously, we could be having a lovely, innocuous talk about the weather and, within two or three sentences, we’ll be discussing some wild conspiracy theory that will have you questioning my mental stability.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Synapsis Creative?

This place is easily the most friendly, laid-back joint I’ve ever had the pleasure of writing for. It’s so relaxed, I just broke the rule of never ending a sentence with a preposition.

Everyone at Synapsis Creative works hard to create a professional yet playful environment. The daily coffees are an absolute joy and there’s nothing more frustrating/satisfying than getting annihilated in office Mario Kart.

Also, since we have a vast variety of clients, I’m always writing something different rather than my previous roles where I would spend months writing about a single industry or topic.

How do you enjoy spending your free time?

I play an embarrassing amount of video games to balance out my reading addiction. I find sports tedious, although I do occasionally fence sabre (bougie, I know). Also, to quote the great Sean Daley, “As a child hip hop made me read books / And hip hop made me wanna be a crook / And hip hop gave me the way and something to say / And all I took in return is a second look.”

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