As you may have noticed: The first weeks of my internship were focused on marketing. I was able to learn a lot of new things on this subject. I received theoretical basics through online seminars at HubSpot and my colleagues have been able to teach me how to put it into practice.

I was finally able to work independently on a larger scale and was responsible for smaller projects, such as parts of the new inbound marketing strategy. I gained a lot of knowledge and experience, particularly in the field of Social Media Marketing. Not an easy task for someone who quit Facebook 5 years ago.

As agreed with Tom, the last few weeks of my internship would be more about account management. But I also continued my usual marketing tasks as much as possible. The last few days I’ve been shadowing Sophia, our Account Manager. She is the bridge between customers and designers. Her job involves a lot of organisation and communication. It is very interesting to see and understand the complete process, from first customer contact to the finished presentation.

I’ve accompanied Sophia on some of her many client appointments. It was very interesting to see how many details needed to be clarified in order to ultimately provide a service that meets the customer’s wishes. It’s nice to know I was able to make a small contribution, too. During the meetings I made notes that helped our designers to know the exact needs of our customers. I also researched some information that was required for some presentations.

I even took care of some customer inquiries. After the initial contact, I answered some basic questions about our product portfolio and whether we can help our customers in their specific cases or not. Of course, Sophia or Tom were involved because they are potential customers.

Besides that, my responsibility is social media marketing, especially since the new Instagram account needs some care. I made sure that there’s always enough content to post. Variety is so important. That’s why I work with designers to think about the best way to showcase our diverse skills on Instagram. Apart from images, we also work on content for stories and short animated video clips.

Whenever I have a few minutes left, I use the time to look over a designer’s shoulder. What our designers can create on PowerPoint is still very impressive to me.

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