The progress of the email funnel project has unfortunately kept within limits. I was expecting things to go a little faster. In particular the responsive design of the email template takes much more time than I expected. But if everything works as planned, the job will be completed on Friday, and I can continue with the internal test e-mail this coming Monday. Fingers crossed! Due to this delay I made a new timeline for the whole project. I also summarized all outstanding tasks until the finalisation of the project, assigned people and dated them. Hopefully next week there will be more progress on this internship project.

In connection with the e-mail project, there were two other tasks; creation of a manual for the folder structure (so that everyone saves their data in the correct folder and labels them correctly), and a mock-up of a privacy policy for the automated e-mails.


As you can see, the email project took a lot of my time this week. But fortunately, I was able to do a few other things at least. After Zac introduced me to WordPress I was able to create and publish some blog posts on my own.


But most of all I was able to launch our Instagram account this week. Click here and check it out. And even more important: Follow us and like our images. I get paid by follower and hope I can afford more than one beer during the weekend.


I also did the first few posts and already scheduled the images for the next week on Buffer. It’s an application to manage accounts on social networks. I can schedule posts and analyse their results. Before that, I did some research to find the best way to launch the Instagram account and gathered images to post.I have also been involved in finding successful social media practices e.g. the best time to post and which hashtags we should use. Well, so far, we have 13 followers. As you can see, there is still enough room for improvement.


Zac had Thursday and Friday off. Tom is on paternity leave the whole week. So, it took me 2 weeks and 4 days to get my own office. Meteoric rise! I just hope there’s no other reason why I’m here alone and the other five are sitting in one office.

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