This week I am still busy with the projects started last week in my internship. There is still a lot to do on the email funnel project. One task was to hire a freelancer to create the responsive design for our e-mail template. I received several offers from different freelancers on our job. I compared their skills as well as their price per hour. Together with Tom, we chose the freelancer who seems to best-fit our requirements. After we hired him, a lot of details had to be clarified between our designers and the freelancer.

In addition to this I designed a new folder structure together with Zac. There is planned a large number of emails for different purposes (e.g. a welcome email for new blog subscribers, a weekly newsletter and so on). Every email consists of many different components like images, design templates, articles and so on. It is important to know which content was distributed on which date. In order to be able to find the files in the archive months and years later, a proper structure and naming of the files is necessary.


Apart from that I got access to the different Social Media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I posted a couple of short articles and pictures with corresponding captions. Apart from that I am still working on the launch of the Instagram account. Tom’s goal is to do one post nearly every day. Therefore, we need a lot of different videos and images. I gathered potential content and was thinking about what to post on Instagram soon.


Zac intends to supplement the blog posts with short animated videos. This is linked up with some effort for our designers, but: Videos are clicked simply more often than articles. I gathered some topics for these videos for different target groups.


For a better understanding what exactly Synapsis Creative does, Tom gave an introduction on the different services to the new employees Gloria, Stephanie and me. The portfolio includes presentation design, on-screen presentations and interactive presentations as well as designing magazines and flyers. I still can’t believe nearly everything is designed and animated in PowerPoint – but Tom told me so. Last week Zac introduced me to the basics of Podio. This week I was introduced to some additional features of Tom’s beloved project management platform.

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