I am Sebastian, a “Management & Media”- student from Germany. This week I started my abroad internship at Synapsis Creative. I applied already in October last year, exchanged many e-mails with Tom and was very excited about my stay in Australia and my first working day. On Monday morning at 9 o’clock it finally started. After meeting the team, I had my first two challenging tasks. Unpack my brand-new Surface Pro and enjoy a coffee with the team. They all are very helpful and friendly. After that I had an interesting introductory talk with Tom. We talked about my expectations, the possibilities and finally made a plan for the next 13 weeks.

When my new PC was ready, I started gathering some ideas for a new cover photo for the LinkedIn page of Synapsis Creative. After the consultation with Zee, one of the designers, we have decided for one option. This measure is part of the new social media marketing campaign. Tom wants to increase the presence of Synapsis on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. In addition to that we will launch an Instagram account the next weeks.

Apart from that we are in the process of implementing a new email marketing strategy. Amongst other things there is needed a new landing page and several automated emails for new blog subscribers, emails with personal offers and so on. My first job in this matter was to get some offers. Even though we do the design and the distribution of the mails on ourselves, we need an external provider for the responsive design: ensure a correct presentation of the content on every device. I got me an account on “Upwork”, a platform for freelancers, and try to find the best provider for the required service. I already got the first offers.

SEO for Synapsis

In the age of digitization SEO (Search engine optimization) becomes more and more important. Listed on the first page of Google and other search engines can definitely drive the success of a company. That’s why Synapsis is using SEO too. I did some keyword research referring to some blog posts meant to be published during the next weeks.

Presentation Summit

Tom is going to participate in a presentation summit, which takes place in San Diego at the end of September. For this reason, we created a short video this week. Tom is talking about five animation principles which by the way are Squash and Stretch, Ease in and Ease out, Staging, Anticipation and Straight ahead and Pose to Pose. I was involved in preparations and the video shoot itself. Together with Mark and Tom we figured the ideal lighting, sound and perspective.

Apart from these bigger issues I have also done many smaller tasks and got a lot of input from Tom and his team. Especially Zac explained me how everything works at Synapsis, gave me brief instructions on WordPress, Search engine optimization and of course on Podio – Tom seems to be a really huge fan of this project management platform. Furthermore, I gained some knowledge about Inbound Marketing by doing an online course at HubSpot Academy.

My internship experience

during my internship, I had a very nice and interesting first week at Synapsis Creative, and looking forward to the next weeks. Today the whole team went out for a delicious lunch at Kobe Jones. Obviously, Tom knows how to motivate his team. Or is there a reason to celebrate? Maybe he just realised what a great intern he has got for the next three months … (Tom told me: “we are funny here”)

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