Hitachi & Intel – Connected Health Ecosystem

The Challenge

When Hitachi & Intel contacted us for assistance with a sales and business development tool, they had high expectations and a short time frame. Their travelling sales professionals needed a tablet-based resource that they could use in the field to access vital information and to display to their customers. While other providers that the client reached out to had a longer turnaround time and were relying on connectivity to the business website, we had a simpler, faster and more effective solution.

Our Solution

Our interactive solution was a standalone piece. While it incorporated brand-specific design elements from the client’s website, it was not linked to it. An animated video was embedded within the PowerPoint file that we created, and it was customized specifically to appeal to medical professionals with an isometric theme. To accommodate the many needs of sales professionals in the field, the finished product included customized navigation paths and content that could be selected based on the hospital department that was being pitched to. With both swipe and touch functionality, this was a user-friendly product that delivered in all areas while also meeting the client’s 4-week deadline.



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