Studio SAP – Stakeholder Engagement

The Challenge

We have been proudly serving SAP Studio for several years, so our designers were already familiar with the company’s high standards and branding. Our team was asked to create a pitch that would be presented to its global team across many departments. In addition to be used internally to promote its design studio, it also was going to be presented at summits externally. The client had a firm deadline of eight weeks.

Our Solution

Our design team created a non-linear, interactive design that promoted open discussion of the important topics being presented while also delivering valuable content. As is true with many of the projects that we complete, we incorporated brand-specific design elements and tones throughout the piece that mimicked the corporate website. Other features include intra-page navigation, a full menu system and parallax animation. In addition to being well-received internally, the pitch received exceptional recognition when it was presented externally.



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