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The Challenge

We were asked to deliver a speech to our peers at an international designers’ conference. As design experts, we knew that our work would likely be viewed once and that it would leave a lasting impact that we may be remembered by for many years. In addition to creating a product that was insightful and captivating, we also had to consolidate 400 words of text per slide into meaningful content without losing any meaning.

Our Solution

Our presentation design incorporated a holistic menu with easy navigation features like tab browsing, accordions, intranet pages and more. We even included a dynamic carousel that brought infographics to life for the audience. While most of our products are presented by our valued clients, our company’s founder had the honors with this project. Was it a success? Peers and competitors attending the conference voted it the best at the event, which enabled our founder to present our work a second time.



Initial slides to design



Initial words per slide



Days turnaround

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