I really love Christmas. Not just because of promise of decadent family meals and time spent relaxing, or the infectious festive cheer some people start exuding around this time of year – but because it means the year’s drawing to a close. This is the ideal time to take stock, assess things, and vow to improve in the coming year ahead.

Christmas is really my favourite time of year. For those with loved ones, it’s a wonderful time to get together, break bread, and share gifts. For those without loved ones – either by misfortune or choice – it’s great time to soak up all those wonderful holiday classics: Die Hard, Home Alone 1 and 2, Love Actually, Tokyo Godfathers, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and The Muppet Christmas Carol.

There is a child-like sense of joy in the air; a delightful innocence in the way people smile and speak to each other. This is when we express love and appreciation to one another despite our differences – sending gifts, cards, and well wishes to the ones who’ve held us down over the year.

While we at Synapsis Creative could have put together some cute and playful e-card to wish everyone a Happy Holidays, the game nerd in us all came to the surface when Tom suggested, ‘why don’t we create a Christmas game in PowerPoint?’

This throwaway idea quickly became a minor obsession in our office: we brainstormed different ideas, I wrote a script biting Dr Seuss’ style, and then Tom and the team built a tiny Christmas miracle in PowerPoint.

As we’re preparing for the holiday break and run our office with skeleton crew, we’re also using this opportunity to reach out, thank everyone for their help and patience over the year, and prepare for a massive 2020.

So we’ve whipped up a little holiday cheer for you to enjoy (and also serve as a cheeky reminder of just how limitless PowerPoint is with a little creativity and nerd-like ingenuity). We present to you, our game built entirely in PowerPoint – Help Santa Save Synapcity.

Although you may celebrate this time of year in your own way – or not at all – we’ve developed this digital Christmas stocking stuffer for you all to enjoy (forewarning: the last level is surprisingly difficult, so please play in full-screen mode).

From everyone here at Synapsis Creative, have a safe, restful, and joyous holiday. And see you in 2020 for more innovative ways to bend the creative possibilities of PowerPoint.

If you’re trying to create your own interactive designs in PowerPoint, check out our free Ultimate Guide to Interactive Content, just another fun and simple stocking stuffer from the squad at Synapsis Creative.

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