Stunning presentations aren’t about how many graphics or slide transitions you can fit onto a PowerPoint (PP). Truly great presentations are built on one thing: Simplicity. Learning how to make simplicity in presentations is essential. The heart of your PP strategy should ensure that your audience understands your core message. Simplifying your presentation also ensures better quality of work. If you’ve been wondering how to improve your presentation, simplicity may very well be the answer.

Why Simplicity in Presentations Matters

When it comes to getting an important message across, nothing matters more than eliminating distractions. Opting for simple PowerPoints is a great way to get rid of distractions. Instead of focusing on bells and whistles, your audience will be able to focus on your message and listen actively to what you have to say. You’ll also have more time to focus on the content of your presentation instead of your slides. Remember that your audience is there for what you have to share, not to stare at busy visuals on a screen.

Sticking with a clear, simple presentation is also a great way to enhance audience retention of your key message. Clear and simple slides have proven to help audiences recall information. If your presentation revolves around a complex topic, you can provide in-depth information in handouts to accompany your presentation.

Crafting Simple PowerPoints to Impress

Understanding that a great presentation is born of simplicity is one thing but knowing how to improve your presentations is another. As you design your presentation, you might find that it’s quite hard to keep things simple. It’s tempting to include a wealth of graphics, statistics and motion animations. If you’re struggling to keep it simple, use this three-pronged strategy to pare down your presentation and make it more engaging.

Define Your Focus & Remove Distractions

Designing a simple PP presentation is relatively easy once you’ve defined your focus and identified possible distractions. Think about the most important point you need to convey in your presentation. Are there any other essential points that you need to get across? Write these down and focus on them as you craft your presentation. As you design your presentation, make sure that every slide speaks directly to your focus points.

You can eliminate distractions by removing unnecessary images, charts and statistics. Only leave the items that provide strong, direct support for your main presentation points. Think of slides as a crib sheet that help your audience understand what you’re saying instead of as a visual that you’re simply narrating. You should be the focus of your presentation, not your slides.

Adopt a Billboard Strategy

Of course, keeping things simple doesn’t mean that your presentation slides need to be boring. A simple PowerPoint can be visually compelling when it incorporates clearly written text and high-quality graphics that are directly related to each slide. Think of each PP slide as a billboard. It’s essential that your audience can look at a slide and understand the message right away. Provide strong visual clues and bold, easy-to-read text so that your audience can listen to what you have to say instead of focusing on making out slides.

Stay Consistent

Consistency is key to crafting great presentations. That means you must create a consistent visual look across all of your slides. Use the same two or three fonts, choose a master colour scheme and pick graphics and layouts that look similar. Using consistent visual cues will help your audience identify information on your slides quickly.

Designing with consistency in mind also helps lighten your workload. Instead of designing each slide in your presentation anew, you can create a set of master templates and use them to create a presentation that is visually appealing without being overwhelming. Don’t worry that this approach will bore your audience. It will actually encourage them to engage with what you’re saying. Visual consistency also helps your audience build connections between your slides.


Making Simplicity in Presentations a Priority

It’s important to make presentation simplicity a priority across your organisation. Create a presentation style guide or appoint an individual designer to assist anyone who needs to create a presentation. Of course, you can also hire professional designers to help you master the art of simple PowerPoint presentations. At Synapsis Creative, we’re PowerPoint and design professionals who can help you create clear and powerful presentations that your audience is sure to remember. Get in touch with us today if you need help with PowerPoint design or want to talk about how to improve your presentation.



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