If you want to make a compelling PowerPoint presentation, you need to give it a great message . Most people bury the lead in a presentation, confusing their audience. In a corporate setting, this can make the difference between a client investing and never working with your brand again. This is why having a prominent key idea is essential. Read below to find out how to highlight your idea in a PowerPoint presentation.

Simplify your message

It’s important to share a core message that is simple and straightforward. Each slide in your presentation should make a new point, limiting the presentation to one message a time. This way, your audience will easily understand your explanation and retain the information. Just remember to support your core idea with every point you make, then link back to your key message at the end. Otherwise, your idea might get lost at sea.

message, How to Highlight Your Message in a PowerPoint Presentation


There are numerous ways to brand your message in a PowerPoint presentation. If you include taglines and logos, you can convey a tone that supports a brand’s key message. If you shape your text, tone, and colour, you can reinforce the message of your brand. Struggling to think of how to do it without words? Well, think of a product like Diet Coke. Now look at how this gif communicates their key messages without words:

Their use of the colour red says “We’re linked with Coca Cola”. The slim font emphasises the fact that it’s supposed to help you lose weight. The speed of the transitions says it’s a funky product for fast-paced people.


PowerPoint presentations need to be credible in order to be successful. In order to give your presentation credibility, you must give evidence of your claims. For this reason, you must follow every point you make with a simple piece of evidence. By doing this consistently, you will establish order as you create a more credible argument. Just be sure you don’t overwhelm your audience with an overload of evidence.


There is no better way make your audience understand your message than to make it relatable. If you explain your key message with examples that are relevant to your audience, they are more likely to remember it. Examples also break up your presentation, ensuring you avoid the deadly phenomenon of Death By PowerPoint. By threading examples throughout your presentation in this way, your audience will engage more with your message.



The best way to highlight your message is to pitch it as a solution. Your audience is more likely to listen to your presentation if they think that they will be getting something out of it. Start your presentation off by explaining your purpose and elaborating on why the audience should listen to you. This will engage your audience, whether its getting investors excited about a product or pitching a start-up.

Clear Objectives

Our team at Synapsis Creative has had years of experience highlighting our client’s key message through PowerPoint. Contact us for your next project!

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