We’re going to be entering the next generation of presentations. New technology is going to make you think differently about how you give presentations and how audiences engage with your ideas and content.

technology, How Technology Will Change Your Presentations

Engagement is a word that gets thrown around quite a lot. When we think about audience engagement, it doesn’t necessarily describe what that means for both the presenters and the people listening.

How do we measure or know if people are listening to us? How do we know if people are taking in ideas because we’ve brought value to their lives?

While feedback, written or spoken, is often a good indicator, there are ways presenters can better enhance audience engagement. Technology plays a massive role in this. Think about how people can communicate better and faster through our mobile devices? Think about the forms of communication we can have – and not just call or text. We share videos, pictures, and live stream our lives with our friends, family, and followers. Presentation technology is just a reflection of the consumer technology we use every day.

Here are just some of the cool stuff we’ll likely see more of in the next few years.

Wearable Devices

Say goodbye to clickers and wave hello to wearable presentation devices. The Myo armband was a device created by Thalmic Labs back in 2013 and gained popularity in 2015. It was backed by Amazon and Intel and originally created to control video games, presentations, music, and visual entertainment. The use for the Myo evolved with people seeing uses in other fields. Researchers at Johns Hopkins used it to give an amputee the power to control his prosthetic and DJ Armin van Buuren took it on his world tour to control the lighting during his performances.

Unfortunately, Thalmic Labs discontinued the Myo just this year in favour of an entirely new product. But we’ll definitely see more wearable devices enter the presentation arena since Myo shook the presentation game.

VR Goggles

Now you’ll know for sure if your audience was engaged. VR goggles can be used to launch a product, train employees, and encourage audience participation. While it’s not ideal to have all of your audience wear the goggles (and it’s never going to be viable for that), it’ll come in handy for intimate and smaller audiences to have an immersive experience while you present.


VR Speech Training:

The first time you ever gave a speech, someone probably told you to imagine the audience in their underwear to help you feel less nervous. Well, odd advice. It didn’t work most of the time. But now with VR speech training, you can get the help you need to present. Some applications can help you improve eye-contact, input sound and visual distractions to guide you in real-life situations (a quiet audience? yeah, right), and impromptu speaking with practice questions and challenges.

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