Towards the tail end of last year, Westpac sat down with us to discuss a huge internal change that presented an even bigger opportunity. The bank was migrating all its credit cards to Mastercard in a few short months, so we recognised this announcement as a chance to create something that would be fun, informative, and engaging – our specialty.

What could have easily been handled with an email – we expanded into an extensive campaign complete with branded collateral, printed material, digital and screen displays, and an intranet page with animated explainer video. Everything was designed on PowerPoint and everything needed to be completed by 1st March – just over two months to go…

Collaboration made easy

Our main point of contact at Westpac was Archana Jayaranjan, Change and Communications Manager – Matrix Consumer. “From the first meet-and-greet where we spent a lot of time understanding the context of the program, to turning what we wanted to achieve into a concept, and even being on site to help deliver – it really was such a lovely experience,” she explained. “While they were an agency helping us deliver, we really fostered a team culture to get the job done and get it right.

“In terms of the concepts, the creative strategy around the program and our deliverables was something that I really loved. Given the fact that Synapsis had previous experience with Westpac and were well aware of the barriers, they were still willing to push the boundaries to deliver something that was new, fresh, and exciting for the key audience.”

We worked closely with the folks at Westpac to ensure design and messaging was on brand. This led to a very collaborative process that helped us understand the parameters we had to abide by and the ones that we could bend for the sake of creative execution.

“Despite the complexity of our program with Mastercard, Synapsis Creative really took the time and effort to understand the nuances between both brands and then bring in that brand alignment while understanding the strategies and motives behind both brands,” Ms Jayaranjan explained.

“To then be able to bring it into the one place to ensure all parties were happy with the end result – that was something I really valued as a customer, especially being part of a program where you’re managing a relationship across brands.”

According to Ms Jayaranjan, we went above and beyond in terms of approvals and edits. “It wasn’t a regular process,” she said. “Given the extent of the program, Westpac alone had about ten people to review and approve – and that had to go through multiple rounds. And on the Mastercard side, they had their own review and approval process as well.

“Synapsis had a lot of patience with the approvals and were really able to keep all stakeholders happy – even when the push and pull was coming from unlikely contenders. In terms of supporting that, from a program perspective, they were willing to get in there and tackle any feedback; they were very reactive but also knew when to push back in order to keep in line with the creative strategy.”

Empowering non-designers with PowerPoint

Ms Jayaranjan recognises that PowerPoint is an underutilised resource and appreciated our method of delivering all collateral as PPT files. “With a lot of our deliverables, given the longevity of the program, we really needed a tool that would let us manipulate throughout, just to keep the content up to date,” she said.

“PowerPoint actually gives us the ability to make those changes after Synapsis Creative did the creative legwork. For example, the infographic was a really nice gesture from Synapsis Creative, and being able to manipulate that into something that we can update makes it really easy for us, especially when we’re regularly dealing with quick, reactive changes.

“Additionally, some of the feedback from the explainer video – people could not believe it was made in PowerPoint and when you mention it to people, they’re really surprised by the quality and output of PowerPoint. It was a really great decision to use PowerPoint as a tool for building our creative assets.”

While this campaign had its share of approval and design challenges – it really helped me understand what it is we do at Synapsis Creative and the role PowerPoint plays in delivering creative potential. Since I was still relatively new to the company when we started this campaign, I was able to witness just how versatile PowerPoint is as a program and just how much clients appreciate being able to make their own changes and edits directly on the deliverables.

There are helpful guides for the various outputs we designed throughout this project from Print Design to Video Design to Content Writing – all free to download and brimming with tips and ideas to kickstart your next campaign



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