A communication strategy is the only constant throughout industries; everyone has something to say and needs to say it well. They’re used for PR plans, web, marketing, organisation, projects, major announcements, and big events. And even though many organisations have some kind of communication strategy, we can’t help but feel ill-equipped or anxious about our outcomes in-spite of procedures we’ve put in place. The issue is that while you have a communication strategy, you overlook the most important aspect…Consistency!

With digital media and the internet altering how quickly we receive information, it feels as though we’re receiving a whole bunch of content, services, and products without thinking about the related brand.

An effective communication strategy needs to be cohesive, combining content, design, and digital media. It needs to focus on presenting a polished message and place the target audience at the centre of all communications. The problem is that we receive so many conflicting messages that it’s hard to identify the core or the purpose of the communication strategy.

Customers, consumers, users, or whoever your target audience, are bombarded with information. Weave content, design, and digital media into your branding approach and you can form a persuasive communication strategy with a definitive purpose.

Craft a Message

No successful business ever launched unprepared. You know your business, but how well do you know your customer?

You need to identify a unique selling position that gives you a competitive edge. Regardless of what your business does, this message needs to be the clearest. Once identified, you can begin to sharpen your brand’s image and incorporate the needs of your audience. This will enhance your communication strategy.

This Advertisement has a pretty straightforward message; this product now tastes better. But audiences didn’t enjoy the video at all. So with audience feedback, this Ad turned into this:

Don’t get us wrong; this is definitely not a sponsored Ad. But it’s on the nose about sending your audience a crafted message and making sure that message palatable. In this example, the audience received the message loud and proud. The big problem was that it was too graphic for audiences, causing the company to remake the Ad. So it’s not just about the message, but how the message is delivered.

Develop a Medium for Consistency

If you have social networks to communicate with your audience, your digital platform is the medium which needs to be consistent. Conflicting messages on social media are confusing to your audience. Your message on Twitter should be the same on Facebook, Instagram, and every other social app.

Building brand awareness is about integrating your overall message. Keeping content, design, and a regular online presence is the key to a communication strategy.

The Most Overlooked Aspect of a Communications Strategy:



It’s important that across communications, you consider the little details. Find out more about the power of design and effective communication. Click here.





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