Whenever you replace fonts in PowerPoint, there is a simple option that will generally take care most fonts and most instances of its use. However, this method isn’t always fool proof – so we’ve included a second, slightly more complex, but also more comprehensive means to help you finding and replacing fonts across your PowerPoint presentation.

Easy Find and Replace Fonts

If you don’t have the luxury of a Slide Master to make wide-spread changes instantly on your PowerPoint, changing fonts manually can be extremely time consuming and tedious. The simple solution is PowerPoint’s Replace Font tool.

  1. In PowerPoint’s top ribbon, select Home > Editing and click the down arrow next to Replace to view more options.
  2. From the Replace drop down-menu, click Replace Font to open a dialogue box.
    replace fonts, Find and Replace Fonts in PowerPoint
  3. From the dialogue box, click the Replace drop-down menu and select the fonts you’d like to find and change.
  4. From the With drop-down menu, select your new font.
    replace fonts, Find and Replace Fonts in PowerPoint
  5. Click the Replace button. And that’s it! PowerPoint has swapped out your original font with your new selection.

Complex Find and Replace

While the previous method is quite easy, PowerPoint’s ability to search fonts within a presentation can be limited. There have been instances where PowerPoint miss examples of the font being replaced as it still appears in the Replace drop-down menu, which means there are examples of that font hidden in the PowerPoint somewhere.

This can present several issues – such as providing warning messages to anyone who tries opening the PowerPoint file without the necessary fonts installed. Embedding these fonts can also be an issue as double-byte/non-western fonts cannot be replaced with standard single-byte fonts automatically in PowerPoint, which means you’ll have to manually find and replace these fonts if you wish to change them.

To workaround this issue takes a couple steps, but it’ll guarantee to remove and change all instances of unwanted fonts.

  1. Open your PowerPoint file with the difficult to change fonts. Click File in the top ribbon, followed by Save As, and save your file as a PowerPoint XML presentation.
    replace fonts, Find and Replace Fonts in PowerPoint
  2. Close PowerPoint and locate the PowerPoint XML file you just saved. Right click the file, select Open With > Notepad.
    replace fonts, Find and Replace Fonts in PowerPoint
  3. Don’t worry if the file looks like a cryptic mess – you won’t have to do much editing here. Once Notepad is open, click Edit tab, followed by Replace.
    replace fonts, Find and Replace Fonts in PowerPoint
  4. Enter the font you’d like to replace in the Find What field and the new font you’d like to include in the Replace With field. Then click Replace All.
    replace fonts, Find and Replace Fonts in PowerPoint
  5. Repeat the previous step for any other fonts you’d like to swap out in your document.
  6. Then save the Notepad file (*xml) and close the program.
  7. Now open your (*xml) file in PowerPoint
  8. Save your PowerPoint as a (*pptx) and that’s it.

While this was a complex and lengthier process, it does ensure that any font you wish to swap out is gone – making it easier to edit, share, and present your PowerPoint without compatibility issues, such as the double-byte fonts mentioned earlier. Also, remember that the easy Search/Replace method will also change out any font names that may appear in your presentation text, so be wary.