Coming from a journalist background into my first design-agency role, I’ve been learning the ins and outs of the design process – the various rounds of edits and changes that designers and clients share to deliver the perfect project.

Since starting here as a content writer, I’ve witnessed how challenging it can be to co-ordinate edits and approvals across different departments and personalities both internally and externally. For example, while writing a whitepaper for a client, I’ve seen this document go through eight rounds of content edits, various design changes, and at least six different people giving approval prior to project delivery.

The process of co-ordinating these changes has been challenging, but as someone with zero design experience, it has been a joy seeing how easily changes can be implemented directly on PowerPoint. Not everyone has the skill or software necessary to edit PDFs or InDesign files, but almost anyone who’s used a computer in the past 30 years should be remotely familiar with PowerPoint.

During the odyssey of creating that aforementioned whitepaper, I had to incorporate notes and changes from various stakeholders within our client’s company – and all the while, our designers were already piecing together the final product during the editing phase. This meant content changes needed to be updated in real time and on the actual deliverable (as opposed to a separate Word document).

In my previous experiences, any edits that needed to be incorporated during the design phase would require two people: the editor who highlights these changes and the designer who makes these changes to the deliverable.

Using PowerPoint through this process was an absolute pleasure since its simple ‘click and change’ style meant I didn’t need any actual design skill or knowledge – I could just proofread and edit directly onto the PowerPoint file, as could our client, which greatly reduced time required for editing and approvals. By streamlining this process and reducing the amount of people necessary, we can turn around projects quickly and to the client’s specifications.

Synapsis Creative’s tagline ‘We Create. You Edit’ demonstrates our unique offering and ethos. While other design agencies create rigid deliverables that require design training to edit; we craft easily edited and dynamic products that can be used as a blueprint or reference guide for years to come.

Things can change quickly in business and our clients are no exception – so why offer them static documents they can’t easily and quickly edit themselves? Give a company a project and they’ll be happy for a moment; teach them how to create projects and their happiness will be eternal. Okay, this might seem like a stretch, but the value of Synapsis Creative’s offering is the longevity of our deliverables.

Everything we create, we do so with the client’s expectations and input in mind. We work very closely with clients to ensure every project is aligned with their expectations. And if we can give them a project they can edit and tweak for further future use, then the benefits extend far beyond final-design delivery.



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