An effective colour scheme does half your work for you. It can get your audience in the mood for your message, or make your brand more memorable. An effective colour scheme can even increase your audience! To unlock the awesome power of colour schemes, consider these four options for your next presentation:

Emotive Colour Schemes

We’ve talked before about how to improve presentations using colour psychology. The fact is, colour can have a powerful impact on your audience’s emotions.

Depending on the purpose of your presentation, you can put colour to extremely good use. For instance, a fiery red can make your audience feel passionately about your cause (or just hungry). At the same time, a calm blue can make an impatient audience more receptive to your message.

Whatever you want to achieve, we’re sure there’s a colour for you.



Event Themed Colour Schemes


If you’re presenting as part of an event, it would be wise to consult the hosts about their colour scheme. After all, it’s probably a scheme which fits their event’s themed.

Perhaps there is no set colour scheme for your event. That doesn’t mean there isn’t an ideal colour scheme. Try researching the area you’re presenting in. If there’s a local sports team, adopt their colour scheme! Not only will it subconsciously make your audience support you, it will also show you’ve done your homework.

At the same time, if you’re hosting an event, make sure you give every presenter a colour scheme to follow. Otherwise you’ll miss an ideal branding opportunity.

On the note of branding…



Branded Colour Schemes


Using your brand’s colours in your presentation is a simple, effective way to tie your message back to your brand. While branding is essential, it doesn’t have to be overt and ugly. In fact, we’ve written an entire article about all the ways you can subtly brand your presentations.



Colour Blind Safe Schemes


Colour scheme, Choosing a Colour Scheme For Your Presentation


Whatever colour scheme you settle on, you should make sure your presentation is colour blind safe. While colour blindness can affect people in a number of ways, you should be wary of the following colour combinations:


  • Green & Red
  • Green & Brown
  • Blue & Purple
  • Green & Blue
  • Light Green & Yellow
  • Blue & Grey
  • Green & Grey
  • Green & Black


Avoiding these combinations will also make your presentation more readable. And after all, readability is memorability.



A few things to consider


While those four options are ideal for any colour scheme, there are a few things you must keep in mind:


Consider cultural connotations

To put it simply, colours can have incredibly different meanings in other cultures. For instance, white is normally associated with hospitals and health in the Western world. However, in many Asian countries, it is associated with death. Avoid offending your audience by doing your homework on the meaning of colours in their culture.


Maximise readability

Your colour scheme can’t make an impact if your message can’t be read. To maximise your colour scheme’s readability, read our 10 Tips to Make Your PowerPoint More Readable.


Still stuck on a colour scheme for your next presentation? Talk to our professional presentation designers today!

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