An effective presentation begins with effective images. While it may seem simple, there is an art to choosing images for your PowerPoint presentation. To select the best images for your next presentation, follow these three steps:


1 – Research


Begin by reading your brief. As you read, write down the key phrases that keep cropping up. Make sure to focus on nouns and other visually rich words. Let’s say you receive a brief from a startup producing an amazing new kind of sunscreen. They want a presentation that shows investors their sun-screen is:


*Friendly to the environment


*Scented with lavender


*Ideal for active young women


Your key phrases could include:






*Active young women


Now, research the client’s brand guidelines. Make sure to note any rules they’ve outlined concerning brand colours, styles and so on. From here, investigate your client’s existing assets. This could include their websites, advertisements and so on. As you investigate these assets, take notes of the tone of their imagery.


Choosing images, 3 Steps to Choosing Images for Your PowerPoint Presentation



2 – Search


Now, search for your key phrases on websites which host royalty free images. It is so important that your images don’t infringe on any copyright, or you could land your client in hot water. For an easy time choosing images, we recommend stock sites like Shutterstock.



As you save images, make sure they adhere to your client’s brand guidelines and visual tone. To assist your decision, here are a few tips from our top designers:


*Illustrations suit a quirkier, creative tone. Consider them for startups and other “fun” clientele.


*Photographs suit a serious tone. Use them for professional, established clientele.


*For a youthful presentation, use a combination of illustration and images which feel like they’ve come from an Instagram feed. This could work well for young companies, or companies who cater to a Millennial audience.


*Every image should look natural, not posed.


*Trust your instinct while selecting images.


Choosing images, 3 Steps to Choosing Images for Your PowerPoint Presentation



3 – Compose


Now that you’ve gathered some images, it’s time to see if they work with your presentation. Start experimenting with different images across your slide. While you should adhere to your client’s guidelines, it’s good to experiment with your images.

As you place each image into your design, you must draw focus to their most important elements. To achieve this, use PowerPoint’s crop tool to cut out unnecessary details. As well as cropping, there are all kinds of ways to pull focus in your images. For more of these ways, read our article on 5 Ways to Highlight Information in your Presentation.

Most importantly, you must ensure each of your images enhances the composition of your presentation. To this end, make sure they stay consistent with the colour scheme of each slide. Otherwise, keep them consistent with your client’s brand colours. After that, ensure they align well with your grid layout.


We hope these tips for choosing images take your presentations to the next level. To access more of our expertise, contact us today.

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