People define themselves by the brands they own and if a business provides them with enough incentives, these people will likely be lifelong customers. A business’s branding not only differentiates them in the market but is a symbol 0f the essence or spirit of the business.

But branding isn’t just a logo; it’s a customer’s perception of a business, their products, and services.

Your brand will make or break your business.

While larger businesses can afford to refresh their brand as they grow, it can be costly for small to medium businesses to transform the perception of their brand.  If you want to create a brand in PowerPoint, there are three simple ingredients to build the future of your business.

If you’re thinking of starting your own business or thinking of a brand refresh on a budget, there are many sources online with step-by-step guides for creating powerful brand identities. There are fantastic tips and tricks from graphic designers who can help you develop your brand or at least form the foundation of your branding. And while we can agree that branding is everywhere we look; in the hems of our track pants, the bags we carry, and the technology we use, these brands are developed by a professional team with a heck of a lot more experience in design.

So how do you build a brand with little or no design experience?

Natasha Jen, a designer at the legendary design firm Pentagram, claims that there are only three elements for creating a brand identity, especially if you’re making it accessible for people who are not designers. “Designing a Brand that Even Non-Designers Can Work With,” is a revolutionary video because it addresses the reality of business owners and freelancers today. A business can’t be separate from its brand, but not everyone can afford or has the experience to create a brand. For people thinking of starting their own business or developing their freelance portfolio, business and personal branding is the key to profitability.


Design is design. You can translate the idea of the business and brand philosophy over any medium. Using PowerPoint gives you access to vectors and assets using tools and shapes built into the program. You can play and re-work the design as you need, using PowerPoint to build the concepts over different slides as a reference. An added benefit of using PowerPoint is that you conveniently export this design into different file formats and file types.

The logo will likely be the most difficult aspect of your branding because it will serve as your business identifier. Having a thorough design concept stage will give you options to choose from that help identify how best to translate your business.

brand, Can You Do an Entire Brand in PowerPoint?

Typography is a kind of visual language; it evokes a feeling or attitude towards your business. The psychology behind typography has been synonymous with the businesses who have popularised a particular text. So a serif font, like times or times new roman, is considered trustworthy and authoritative because of its association with the New York Times and similar publications.

Extensive brand guidelines can have upwards of three fonts, depending on the type of communication, the layout of the content, and audience.

Keep it simple. Choose two fonts: a main and secondary font.

Designing on PowerPoint allows you to have access to a variety of classic fonts and typefaces. If you ever want to expand or explore different types, you can always download fonts onto your computer.

brand, Can You Do an Entire Brand in PowerPoint?


Colour psychology tells us that colours used for branding are integral for customer interaction. Many fast food industries use red and yellow because red is supposed to make you hungry while yellow makes you feel happy. Think of McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC. All of these businesses take advantage of the colour red.

While you’re probably not running a fast-food joint, choosing red and yellow might make people believe that. So colour is important in building the perception of your brand. Like choosing a font, choosing two colours will keep it very simple for you. For prominent brands like Nike, Acne Studios, COMME des GARCONS, and Chanel, they stick to a classic combination of black and white.

brand, Can You Do an Entire Brand in PowerPoint?


Get Your Brand Off the Ground

You can create a powerful brand identity in PowerPoint using these three key ingredients. The benefit of designing in PowerPoint is that you can create a template for colours, fonts, and layouts so you don’t have to refer to a brand guideline. This is useful for smaller businesses who have a small design team or hire freelance designers. Designing your brand in PowerPoint also makes it easier to move assets into other Office programs, which is a huge bonus for some of your clients.

To find out more about how to use PowerPoint as a design program, follow our blog here.

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