Finding the right image or clipart for your presentation can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have the time or skills to create them yourself. To save you some hassle, we’ve compiled some of our favourite resources for getting useful clipart images, templates, and much more.


Subscription based website with a comprehensive collection of clipart images (presentation related and otherwise), plus PowerPoint templates, PowerPoint timelines, pre-made PowerPoint animations, video backgrounds, and customisable graphics.

Beyond the usual ability to choose your image size and file type, PresenterMedia allows users to customise their image by altering the prevalence any image’s shadow and (for certain images) can include customised text within the clipart. The example below shows a newspaper front-page clipart that allows you to customise the layout, text, and imagery included.

clipart, Best Clipart Sites for Presentation Since PresenterMedia is a subscription-based service, there are no download limits for customers – particularly those wishing to create multiple accounts for their business or organisation. PresenterMedia have even developed PresenterMedia Add-in: a plugin for PowerPoint that offers subscribers a fast way to download content. Templates, clipart, and animations can be downloaded directly inside of PowerPoint without having to first download them from PresenterMedia’s website.


Icons8 offers clipart, icons, vector illustrations, stock images, royalty-free music, AI-generated faces, plus various tools, apps, and resources for designers and presenters. Much like PresenterMedia, Icons8 offers a solid number of customisation options before downloading clipart – allowing users to change the colour, text, overlay, bleed/border, background, and image shape. It’s also super useful that their website offers suggested alternatives in other styles and related clipart in case the preview you click doesn’t quite fit your presentation.

clipart, Best Clipart Sites for Presentation Icon8’s various apps can be helpful for designers and presenters who may not be so comfortable creating in PowerPoint. Icon8’s app, Lunacy, is a useful vector design tool for Windows that offers all the power of Sketch (including reading and saving Sketch files) and provides a host of different features to make designing easier for those unfamiliar with PowerPoint’s interface and capabilities. Icon8 also offers vector-creator and photo-creator apps, which allows users to customise stock images/vectors to create unique images for presentation and other uses.


ShapeChef offers a growing collection of PowerPoint templates, diagrams, graphics, charts, and icons. ShapeChef integrates a library pane into your PowerPoint window, allowing users to download premade graphic collections and organise visual assets easily. ShapeChef’s instant search feature helps users quickly find items in the library, which can then dragged and dropped into your PowerPoint slide.

clipart, Best Clipart Sites for Presentation This useful PowerPoint add-in also allows users to add items from a PowerPoint slide to the library. You can easily arrange assets into separate categories and subcategories to make organising and designing presentations much easier. Furthermore, ShapeChef enables users to create shared libraries that are accessible to an entire team or company.

ShapeChef’s trial version limits the number of shapes you can use, but allows you to see how the program works, however, the accessible shapes are usually not really sufficient for a real design project. ShapeChef offers full version downloads for individuals and teams, adding a deeper library of image resources (which updates periodically) to your PowerPoint for a single upfront cost.


Powtoon is a web-based animation and presentation program for building interactive and engaging content. It offers a variety of animation styles including cartoons, infographics, and whiteboards.

Powtoon is a great tool for creating animated videos and presentations. It offers an easy-to-use suite of tools as well as a variety of templates that will help you successfully finish a project.

Complete with a media library, a variety of features, and a tidy interface, Powtoon is useful for easily creating animation and cartoon-like clipart that can easily be integrated into PowerPoint. Powtoon’s library of tools, templates, and relevant clipart/images are all supported by a strong community of users and developers that provide further community resources.

If you only plan to use Powtoon for a short time, the subscription model may benefit you by providing a low price for a short period of time. However, if you plan to use it longer than a few months you’ll probably find the price a bit costly. While you do get access to a lot of high-quality materials, even paid plans have restrictions on exports and video quality.

New Old Stock

While not technically a clipart page either, New Old Stock offers vintage photos form public archives that are free of known copyright restrictions.

clipart, Best Clipart Sites for Presentation New Old Stock also provides a pro photo pack service, which includes editing and curation, to make photo use simpler and more convenient. These photo packs are optimised, cropped, and edited for quick use. Minimum 1000px width, most at +1280px. Download is in .zip format containing jpg’s and come with ongoing free updates.

New Old Stock’s images are great for adding some vintage flavour to your presentation and can easily be edited to look like simple clipart images.

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